The Days are Just Packed!

The Days are Just PackedIt’s official: I am the worst blog host ever. I sincerely apologize for my sorry excuse for a website lately. I can’t believe I haven’t posted in almost six weeks, but needless to say, it’s been a busy summer in the Hardinge household! If I may steal a line from Calvin and Hobbes, “The days are just packed!” We’ve been so busy that I don’t even know where to begin. Therefore I, Thomas Carroll Hardinge, decree: August (and the remaining week of July) is the…Month of the Blog! I promise to publish two, no, three, blogs a week from now until the end of summer. You need to filled in on all that you’ve been missing!

Be excited. Are you excited? I’m excited. So let’s get crackin’!! Now, there is definitetly no question on what you need to be filled in on first.

So, in case you don’t know, when Missy and I got married in 2006, we never really took a honeymoon. Since I am from the east coast, a lot of my friends and family couldn’t make the trip out to Iowa for the ceremony. Instead of jumping ship the day following the wedding for some sandy beach, we high-tailed it to Maryland to celebrate with them as well! Now, to be fair, we did spend a few nights in Baltimore by ourselves, so if you want to get technical, our honeymoon was in Charm City. We meant to take a trip the following year, but after that didn’t happen, it got pushed back again. The next year we went to Ghana, which was amazing, but lo-and-behold, Summer 2009 rolled around and we still had not taken a trip together by ourselves, for ourselves.

Well, I’m here to report that as of now, that’s all changed my friends, because this summer Missy and I traveled…

The Pantheon, one of the coolest (and oldest) buildings in all of Rome.

The Pantheon, one of the coolest (and oldest) buildings in all of Rome.

…to Italy!!!

Yes, we did it. We finally took our honeymoon. We had been debating on where to go for months, and finally settled on the one European country that we both had always wanted to go to (side note: Missy also wants to visit every continent before she dies, and I convinced her that the Amsterdam airport layover on our trip to Ghana the year prior didn’t count as “Europe”).

It would be really hard to fit our entire trip to one blog post, so I have decided to break it up into four parts. We all of our time in four distinct towns in Italy: Rome, Vatican City (actually a whole separate country, but I digress), Siena, and Monterosso-al-Mare, a small village in the Cinque Terre. I will devote a post to each of these places and post pictures as well, starting, well…when it isn’t 10:30 PM. Very soon though, I promise…as in…tomorrow or Wednesday! Don’t worry, I will not abandon you for another six weeks!

What? One more pic? Oh ok…don’t say I’ve never given you anything!

View of Manarola from the hiking Trail.

View of Manarola from the hiking Trail.

Tease! There, I hope that is incentive enough for you to stay tuned. Coming up tomorrow, Part 1: Rome!

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