La Mia Famiglia

So much for three blogs per week through August.

So much for four (or more) straight blog posts about the big trip to Italy that Missy and I took last month (but maybe if I title this post in Italian, my faithful readers wouldn’t be able to tell the difference and read on).

…or not. OK…I can explain. I have perfectly good reason for bailing on the blog updates again: la mia famiglia…my family.

Close living quarters with the fam in town!

Close living quarters with the fam in town!

Missy and I have had out of town guests staying with us since this past Sunday! My mom, sister Hannah, and cousin Matt rolled into town to spend the week with us here in Iowa. It’s been great having them around, but it’s been super busy going, going, going…so there has definitely been no time to blog. We’ve been playing games and catching up, and while I’m at work, Missy has been taking them around and showing them what a great place Des Moines is! At night we’ve had to blow up and roll out some extra mattresses, which makes for a tight squeeze, but it has definitely been so much fun having them here….totally worth it.

So like I said, it’s been awesome having visitors. The sad thing is that since I had already taken so much PTO for our trip to Italy that I haven’t spent as much time with them as I would like too. Missy has been a total hero in entertaining them while I’ve been gone, but I still feel like I’m missing out. So that all changed today when I took the day off to show them the Iowa State Fair. Hey…I had to give them the true Iowa experience, after all! Since today was the beginning of the state fair, we woke up extra early and spent all day there. And by all day, I mean all day. That’s right, fourteen long, hot, sweaty hours! Guess what? We all had a blast!

Photo-op at the fair!  That's Matt napping behind us.

Photo-op at the fair! That's Matt napping behind us.

We saw everything at the fair that was worth seeing: the 4H horse show, livestock barns, Varied Industries building, Bill Riley talent search, photography show, the art of people watching, and so on. On top of that, we ate our way from one end to the other too. We introduced them to the world of food on a stick: pork chops, corn dogs, hard boiled eggs, even salads! Oh, and even though it’s not on a stick…the glorious delicacy of fried cheese curds.

Five-star State Fair cuisine!

Five-star State Fair cuisine!

Yes please, I’ll have another. Oh, and we capped off a great day with a fantastic outdoor concert from Missy and I’s favorite local band, The Nadas!

So anyway, that’s what I’ve been up too! My Dad and step mother Peg roll in tomorrow with the Airstream! No, they aren’t staying at our place too 😉 Sorry to keep you waiting, but no more Italy updates or blog posts until after they all head out next week.

Who knows though…maybe I will surprise you, so check back soon!

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