Italy Wrap

Yo…yo…check it…uh…

Yo yo yo...this author about to lay down some phat rhymes...

Yo yo yo...this author about lay down some phat rhymes...

Ok, sorry…other lame attempt at humor. Not that kind of “rap”.

Alas! As you might have gathered, I have completed the task of blogging about Missy and I’s trip to Italy! I sincerely hope you have enjoyed reading along and (hopefully) living vicariously through our posts and pictures! Please, let me know how you think I’ve done! While I tried my best to give you the best possible description of our amazing, once-in-a-lifetime trip, there are all sorts of little stories that I skipped, as well as hundreds and hundreds of pictures that I did not post. That said, I hope I’ve still managed to portray what an amazing place Italy is and maybe even inspired you to take a trip of your own (and not scare you away with stories of our travel our woes; despite still getting a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach when I see the picture on the dark train platform, I’d do it all again in a heartbeat…totally worth it).

With so much going on in Missy and I’s lives, there are plenty of other topics to be posting about…we can’t write about Italy forever! What’s that you say? Missed a post? Want to re-read about Rome or Siena? Never fear…I have created a page totally dedicated to our trip! Just click on “Italy 2009” in the upper right hand corner of my homepage to get your fix! There you will find all posts, occasionally a new picture or two, and soon, even videos. That’s right…videos too. see, Missy and I also created a video diary while we were in Italy…and as soon as I get a YouTube page up and running, I will start posting those as well!

There is a lot more to look forward to here at Living In Pursuit…Missy and I thank you for reading along and we hope you will stop back soon, and often!

View of Monterosso-al-Mare from the vineyards and hiking trail above.

View of Monterosso-al-Mare from the vineyards and hiking trail above.

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