The colors of fall...

The colors of fall...

I know that I’ve said it before, but it must be said again: fall is seriously the best season of the year, and I’m so glad that it’s here again. And of course, the best month of fall is October! Keeping with the latest blog theme, here are a few more blasts from the past for your enjoyment:

Tommy's Pumpkin

Tommy's Jack-O-Lantern

Missy's Jack-O-Lantern

Missy's Jack-O-Lantern

There isn’t really too much else that I wanted to say about fall…and October. Fall just rocks.

All to often we tend to focus on the negative side of life; we forget to take two minutes and give thanks for all of life’s blessings. Fleece jackets, long pants, and wool sweaters brought out from storage that make you want to curl up and sleep in. Fireplaces being lit again for the first time since last winter. The magic and beauty of the color-changing leaves. The gray mornings and brisk winds that really make you feel alive.

In Hagerstown, there is an annual fall parade called the Mummer’s Parade that takes place the weekend of Halloween. So many memories…watching when I was really young, then marching in it when I was in middle and high school. The floats, bands, and “Mummers” always epitomized fall. It’s one of the few things I truly miss about my home town (apart from friends and family, of course!).

Then there were the family pumpkin carvings and trick-or-treat (beggars) nights that we alway looked forward to. Funny fact: apparently here in Iowa, one is required to tell a joke (trick) before they get there treat. The first beggars night Missy and I spent in our house we had a bucket full of candy and turned our porch light on…but no kids came. I could tell that Missy was very sad, so I snuck (sneaked?) out the back door with a rubber halloween mask and a blanket tucked in my shirt for a cape. I rung the doorbell, she answered…and was surprised and very amused to say the least.

Oh the things you do for love...

Oh the things you do for love...

And then of course there are all the finer things in life that I’ve come to love about fall: Pumpkin Spice latte’s, college football, playoff baseball, and Sam Adams Octoberfest beer.

Finally, here is a little nugget I found on the internet that I’d like to leave you with.

“Fall is what summer pretends to be, the best of seasons. Fall is as glorious as summer is tedious; as subtle as summer is obvious; as refreshing as summer is wearying. Crisp fall air blows as welcome as the day’s first smell of coffee. Fall’s brilliant colors remind us of the glory of nature and the multitude of things that are possible.” -Gregg Easterbrook

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Seriously…fall is the best.

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Loving husband to my wife Missy, loving father to my four daughters Sienna, Rowan, Jovie, and Lola. I'm a chronic over-packer who loves good coffee, good music, running, waffle tee's, fleece pants, and Jesus Christ!

5 thoughts on “Rock-tober

  1. It’s funny…when I was young, I didn’t care much for Fall. I loved Summer the best. But since I had Collin and we have so many activities to do at this time of year, it’s become my absolute favorite. As an adult, you tend to look at things differently and appreciate them more. As a parent watching your child experience things for the very first (or even second and third time) with excitement and glee, you see these marvelous things for the first time again yourself! Oh what a wonderful feeling! Yes, Fall is the best season of all! Tommy and Missy, you’ll see soon enough what I mean! Love to you both! I miss you! Enjoy the season!
    How long does it last before it turns horribly cold in Iowa?

    • I’m glad that you’ve finally seen the light! Kidding! I think I’ve always loved fall, even when I was little…but I think one of the main reasons for that was my birthday, which is a big deal to any kid I suppose. In my case, it probably just was just another reason to look forward to when the days grew shorter and the leaves began to drop.

      As for the weather, I’m hoping that it stays seasonal for another six weeks, but I don’t think we’ll be that lucky this year. They are calling for a long, hard winter! Ugh…

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