A Rather Blustery Day

One of many monster snow drifts outside our townhome.

Ok, so that title might be a tad misleading. It’s just that “Iowa Snow Blizzard of Death Packing Hurricane Force Winds and Sub Zero ‘Exposed Skin will Die’ Temperatures of 2009” didn’t fit.

If you haven’t heard, the weather here in Iowa has been a bit…rough…over the past 36 hours. In fact, we have just started digging out from the worst snow storm in recent memory, and certainly the worst since I moved out here four and a half years ago. You might be thinking “Oh, it’s only snow. What’s the big deal?” And you’d be right in thinking that, if it was only just the snow…but it wasn’t. The storm dumped over 15 official inches of snow in just over 24 hours, and also brought with it 50 mile per hour winds and frigid temperatures that really would do some serious harm to exposed skin.

Drying wet gear in the entry way.

The fun began late Tuesday morning. The snow was obviously starting to pick up steam, and the nervous chatter around the office began…

“Did you hear the latest?”

“Do you think it will be as bad as the forecasters are saying?”

“What if they are right this time? I need to get to the store!”

Around lunch time, the official word came through my inbox: the office was closing at 1:00. What?! This never happens! I was giddy. I love me a good snow storm*, and the prospects of getting to enjoy it from the comfort of my own home made me extra excited. I was out the door by 1:30 and home just after 2:00. School had closed early as well, so Missy was soon to follow. By this time, the snow had really started to fall.

Immediately we were in our sweatpants and hoodies, taking front row seats to the action on our couch wrapped up in quilts and blankets. We soon popped some popcorn too! Ok, not just for watching the snow…we put on a movie too. Soon the sun went down. The wind still hadn’t picked up too much, so I had the bright idea of bundling up in our snow gear for a nights walk to Kum&Go for some hot chocolate. Missy grudgingly agreed, knowing that these walks are my fav (what a great wife she is!) and soon we were plodding our way to the gas station. Don’t worry, it is just around the corner!

We made it back safe and sound, no accidents, slips, or falls. I even helped push a Mazda out of a snow drift…you’re welcome dude! The hot chocolate hit the spot, and we spent the rest of the evening in much the same way we spent the afternoon.

I woke up to my normal alarm just to survey the damage done overnight. I peered out the window only to find the fury of Mother Nature being unleashed on Greenbelt Drive. I looked out other windows to find out that the plows have not touched our street, and a three foot drift had blocked the garage. “Looks like I won’t be going to work today” I thought silently as I headed back to bed. At 7:30AM, the official word came through via text message from the company VP: “Office is closed today. No one should go to office.” “SWEEEEET!!” I exlaimed out loud, waking Missy. Sorry babe, but I was pumped! This has never happened since I’ve been with the company…I hope you forgive me for being a little excited!

So, Wednesday was officially a snow day for Missy and I…something that hasn’t happened (for me) since high school! The day was spent in much the same was as the previous afternoon, minus the walk for hot chocolate…by this time the wind had picked become much more intense and we both would have been miserable. However, I knew I had to document this amazing storm. So risking life and limb, I briefly ventured outdoors this afternoon to snap some pics…anything for you, my beloved readers! Here are some of the highlights:

The snow drifts behind our town house.

Empty Nesters...

A view down Greenbelt Drive.

Sad. Our deck is clear compared to these guys...

See, like I said. This could have been a lot worse.

Editors note: Yes, I know. Those are Christmas lights. And that is a pumpkin. Missy’s pumpkin, actually. But for the work she went through to carve/decorate that thing…we’re leaving it out until it literally falls apart.

Getting the mail will, uh...be a challenge.

Wind-blown drift patterns in the snow.

Night fall at the Hardinge's.

I need snow days more often.

*I love me a good snow storm… until January. After new years I am just finished with the snow, the cold, and the dark. Unless I’m screaming down the side of a mountain on skis, the weather January should immediately turn to 70 degrees and sunny.

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