30 Weeks

You never know what you’ve got until it’s gone until you need it most.

It’s been a pretty dizzying 24 hours for Missy and I.  If you’re just now checking in…well, you’ve missed a lot.  Long story short:  she had been under the weather with flu-like symptoms, and after our weekly OB checkup this past Thursday afternoon, Missy was admitted to the hospital.  Things weren’t looking good.  She had lost some weight and was severely dehydrated from being sick all week.  Her blood pressure was elevated and her urine screen had come back positive for protein…both classic indicators for what appeared to be the early stages of preeclampsia, as well as a one-way ticket to the hospital.

Our minds were racing as we drove over to Mercy; one of our doctors last words before we left his office were along the lines of “worst case scenario:  we deliver tomorrow”.  As I called work to let them know that I wouldn’t be back in that afternoon, Missy called her mother to alert the rest of the family.  We were freaking out; delivery now?!  Missy was given her gown and administered an IV, and as they began to run the necessary tests I could not have felt any more helpless and alone.

And then it happened…my cell started “blowing up”.  I hate that phrase, but there isn’t another way to describe it.  Mom called, the sibs were checking in, and friends who I’m sure Cindy didn’t call were texting every few minutes to make sure Missy and the babies were OK.

How did they know?

It turns out…we’ve got some pretty awesome people in our lives.  The word spread rather quickly across the internet and through word of mouth.  To make sure my sole focus was on my wife and the babies, my sister-in-law Melissa had set set up a baby blog for us to get the word out to everyone during times like these.  And it worked.  People were able to check in and get the updates as Melissa got them, therefore I didn’t have to repeat the story to 500 times (not that I didn’t want to…it’s just not practical).  Pretty smart, huh?

Missy has also had a constant stream of visitors; friends, family, the Hope Chaplain, and prayer warriors…it’s been nothing short of a party in room 3107!  So many people are pulling for us and the girls…the love and support has been truly overwhelming!

So here we are.  The good news is that they did not deliver today; Missy’s symptoms are starting to go away. While trying to maintain high spirits, we took this photo as a continuation of our weekly updates on Facebook…only this time, not where we were expecting to be.

Who knows if we will be here two days or two weeks…but we’ll do whatever it takes to keep Mama and the babies as healthy as possible.  A link Melissa’s baby blog has been added to the top of the home page, so please keep checking in!  And keep praying, too…it’s helping more than you know.  We love you all!

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About Tom Hardinge

Loving husband to my wife Missy, loving father to my four daughters Sienna, Rowan, Jovie, and Lola. I'm a chronic over-packer who loves good coffee, good music, running, waffle tee's, fleece pants, and Jesus Christ!

2 thoughts on “30 Weeks

  1. I couldn’t believe it when I saw Cindy’s status update! I immediately called your mom and sis! I had no idea youweren’t even at the hospital yet! The power of prayer has been amazing! All of my friends are praying for you five too! We all love you both so much and are so proud of Missy!
    Hang in there!
    Aubs and the fam!
    p.s. so wish we were closer! i’d be there in a heartbeat to hang with Missy! Will she be on modified bedrest now?

  2. Agreed. Our support network is really unbelievable…I’m still amazed over how fast the word got! We wish you were closer too, but despite the distance you’ve still been a big help! I will post again soon with an update on Missy, but she’s been placed on modified bed rest for now with orders to call if any of her symptoms return. I’m trying my best to take care of her and to keep a real close eye on her!

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