Ready or Not…

The phrase “we’re letting you go” had never sounded so sweet.

After her first full nights rest in almost a week, and a rather uneventful Saturday morning, the doctors gave Missy the all clear to be discharged from the hospital. I packed our bags as she filled out the remaining paper work, and soon we were homeward bound after spending just over 48 hours at Mercy.

Despite our plush, hotel-like room (you think I’d be joking if I told you there was a Starbucks two floors down, but I’m not) with a view, and our fantastic medical staff that looked after Missy around-the-clock, we were both ready to leave. All the blood-pressure, temperature, and heart rate monitoring, as well as constant strapping of the Doppler paddles to Missy to measure the girl’s vitals, was growing tiresome. While not ruling our preeclampsia entirely, the doctors finally deduced that she did in fact have some sort of bug, or virus, which contributed to the previous week’s dehydration, lack of sleep, elevated BP, and loss of appetite. Things improved dramatically at the hospital, which helped the doctors feel comfortable enough to let her come home.

And so (and almost miraculously, according to some of the nurses looking after Missy), we are back at home in Urbandale. Missy has been placed on modified bed rest, which means that she needs to try and remain off her feet as much as possible. Teaching, housework, and more than one trip to the store a week, is out the window. We’ve also been told to occasionally monitor her temperature and blood pressure, as well as note any contractions if they become more frequent than 4-5 times an hour (note: yes, I have been trained on how to manually take BP, thanks to nurse Mama Florer).

We may have dodged a bullet this time, but our first trip to the hospital was the proverbial shot across the bow signaling that these babies are on their way.  Perhaps I should consider it more like a swift kick in the pants; a warning that unless I get my butt in gear, I’m going to be caught flat-footed once these girls actually do arrive.  I’ve been drifting through these past few months under the false pretense that there will always be more time.  Up until last week, I swear we still had like…six months to get ourselves prepared for our girls to arrive.

Note to self:  four weeks, if we’re lucky.

The new layout, complete with track light and changing station.

I feel like there is a boatload of work left to do.  Setting to work immediately on Saturday, I moved our table to the “kitchen” and set up our changing station/storage in its place.  With help, I removed the chandelier after cracking my head on it three times in 24 hours and installed some stylish track lighting instead; all this has really opened up what is to become the “baby area” of our down stairs.  Sadly, our cats have moved out of our house and in with the Florer’s for the time being…allowing us to begin the carpet cleaning process.  The nursery still needs some work.  We still would like a video camera, swings, a pack-n-play…the list just goes on…

People ask me if I’m ready yet.  The truth is…I don’t think I’ll ever be ready.  That’s ok…what parent-to-be is?  With the amazing support system we have in place already, I know I’ll have help every step of the way.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *

How can you help?

FYI, I wanted to include one quick note on how you (if you are so inclined) can help out.  I previously mentioned that my awesome sister-in-law (that’s getting old, lets just say sister) Melissa has set up a great blog to provide updates when I don’t have a chance to.  Well, she has also set up a calender to keep track of who is providing what, when.  Check that out here.  If you want to help out by lending a lending a hand, making dinner, or helping with the babies when they arrive, send her a note at melissa [dot] florerbixler [at] gmail [dot] com.  Our hope is this calendar will keep things running smoothly, so that we’re not bombarded with food and help one day, and then have neither the next.  A permanent link to her site has been installed at top of my home page!

We love you all!

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    • Well who wants to run up and down the stairs to the nursery each time a diaper needs changed?! Plus, it’s not really a “dinning room”…more like a dinning room/kitchen/living room/tv room 😉 We’re a little tight on space!

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