May Flowers

We have arrived.

…well, almost.

Yes, May is upon us.  The calendar will not turn again before Missy and I officially become parents.  The hustle and bustle around the Hardinge household continues; bed rest or no.  Our brown Laz-y-Boy rocker for the nursery came in the other day, and now the babies space is almost complete.  The closet is packed full of clothes and diapers…all traces of its previous life as the spare bedroom/man lair have all but disappeared.

Despite the relentless preparation, I’ve managed to fit in some fun while getting in touch with my crafty side.  We wanted to add some life into the thus-far bare walls, while at the same time adding a personal touch to the place where our babies will be spending a majority of their time..hopefully the girls will look back and appreciate the work we’ve put in!

The master at work...

The finished product.

Branch detail

When my sister Hannah found out about my endeavor, she was quick to point out that I was not the first in the family to have such a great idea

The original master...painting the walls of MY nursery.

Close up.

Pooh and Tigger

Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, and Piglet

What can I say?  Like father, like son I suppose!  His paintings and talent are light-years ahead of mine though…it’s such a shame they were painted over when we moved out of that old house 😦

I wasn’t the only one having fun though, as Missy added her own flavor as well:

Presenting...the initials!

Ooops, did I just let the cat out of the bag?  Sort of, but not really!  As a celebration of making it this far, Missy and I want to share with you the first initial of each girl!  Please keep all guesses private; only three weeks until you find out the rest!

We’re getting so excited…are you?!

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About Tom Hardinge

Loving husband to my wife Missy, loving father to my four daughters Sienna, Rowan, Jovie, and Lola. I'm a chronic over-packer who loves good coffee, good music, running, waffle tee's, fleece pants, and Jesus Christ!

5 thoughts on “May Flowers

  1. Not going to lie I am really jealous of these babies! I absolutely LOVE that painting of the tree tommy! Hopefully by the time I have babies you will enough down time to paint one for me 🙂 I love you all!!!!!

  2. beautiful tree tommy. i didn’t have any idea. what can you paint for aunt sarah hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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