This is a short blog, just for me to document… again.

Our statistics change from month to month as the girls grow, but I wanted to make note of them in our current phase.  Here is what I/we experience of lately, plus a weekly baby budget:

*Change anywhere from 18-24 diapers a day, or averaging 140 diaper-changes a week, $24ish.

*Wipe cute butts same amount of times, but sometimes needing multiple wipes, adding up to 2 packages of wipes a week, $6ish

*Make 15 bottles a day, totaling about 90 ounces of formula per day (I gave up on nursing/pumping at week 6… sigh) meaning about 630 ounces of formula a week (3 large cans, $45ish, depending on coupon stock).

*Wash 15 bottles a day.

*We are currently going through 6 bibs, 3 spoons, two sippy cups of water, and around 7 -8 tubs of baby food for our two daily feedings.  That adds up to 49-56  tubs of food a week, about $30.

*Two bags of yogurt bites, and one box of baby mum-mums, $6ish.

-Side note, sans clothing, weekly baby budget adds up to (drumroll please) about $111.

The checker-outer at Target always looks at me funny.

*Search for pacifiers about 77 times, and lose said pacifiers 78 times.

*Lay a baby down to sleep 15 times a day.  Yes, they are still taking 4 small naps…trying to increase wake time with three cranky babies might send you to “the ward”.

*On the happier side, I get to pick a baby up from a crib with smiles and kicks 15 times a day.

*Dress a baby about 9-12 times a week depending on blowouts.  Our babies stay in pajamas most of the time because we don’t go too many places and sleepers keep their feet warm without having to places socks on them 100 times a day.   Therefore, I don’t need/get to dress them up.  This saves on clothing budget and laundry loads.

*Speaking of, we do about 3 loads of baby laundry a week.  Most of the time it gets folded but never makes it to the drawers, and when it actually does, I spend an hour moving too-small clothes into the garage sale bins and adding the next stage of new clothing to the laundry pile.

* I clock about 7 hours a day on the floor playing, I hope I have knee caps when I am 40.

* We bathe babies twice a week, and I am lucky to get one more shower than they do in seven days.

*I receive about 50 sloppy wet “kisses” a day, make a ton of various silly noises to stop tears, and see over 100 smiles.  All of these things wipe away all of the other numbers.

They are cute… even when they like to help feed themselves.  We aren’t worried about a little mess.

Rowan enjoying some sweet potatoes.

Jovie still joyful as she eats

Sienna adding color to even her outfit.


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