So I left the room for a minute to make bottles and came back to this:

How can those taste good?

And this:

Caught in the act.

CRAP.  Let the ganging-up-on-bad-ideas-when-mom-and-dad-aren’t-looking begin.


6 thoughts on “CRAP.

  1. Lily loves to do this too! I don’t know why they put them in their mouths! It has to taste DISGUSTING! Good news is they aren’t toxic so no need to worry! Good luck with this new phase! My twin nephews used to gang up together to push furniture around so they could climb higher to reach the things they were not supposed to touch!

  2. just wait until they string an ENTIRE new roll of toilet paper from the bathroom to the front door to the bedroom to every other area of the house….how that TP didn’t break is beyond me….

  3. GAH! the look on Jovie’s face is the best! it looks like she is trying to say “Mom, this isn’t what it looks like! I was trying to stop them, THAT is why there is a wipe in my hand…!”

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