One Day Warm Weather Outing

I had been looking forward to the day when it would be warm enough to take the girls outside and let them escape their indoor- winter-weather-blues of two places where we play everyday (upstairs and down).  Today was that day.  With a high of 72 and winds that would knock them over, we ventured out.

First we took a walk around Grays Lake with Bridget.  It was sunny and warm, but the wind was awful.  It was the first time that I put the girls in our two double strollers without their carseats being just clicked in.  At first they loved it and were excited to have anything new to sit and and look at.  However, about halfway around the lake, the wind bothered Jovie and Rowan to tears and we high-tailed it back to the cars to get “snack picnic” supplies.  Sienna loved it the entire time and let out many squeals of excitement and even reached over to the stroller beside her to hold Jovie’s hand at one point.  (insert heart-melting here).

Snackin' away at our picnic.

Sienna soakin in the rays.

Rowan enjoying the sunshine

Jovie enjoying the weather.


(Sorry about the skewing and quality of the photos… phone cameras don’t do those cute faces justice…)

Then we needed to pick up our weekly baby load from Target and I thought I would take all three babies this time and plop them in a cart in the parking lot since it was warm enough out.  I packed a bottle of lysol wipes and wiped the ENTIRE cart from top to bottom.  Have I mentioned how stressful 3 sick babies are to take care of?  Anyway, people were truly staring at me and I didn’t care at all, I just continued wiping.  The babies had fallen asleep and I felt bad, but I laid a fluffy blanket in the cart and set them in it one by one.  They were so excited!

I placed various items in the cart as we shopped the aisles and each one was like a new toy to them.  No one really noticed that I had three babies in my cart while we were shopping because they were kind of hidden amongst all of the baby food and snacks.  That story changed when we went to check out and, I kid you not, people from other lanes came over to have a look at the girls.  I think I counted about 10 or 11.  I still think a T-shirt with all of the commonly asked question’s answers on it would be a good idea for me.

Jovie riding up top to the car so I could fit the grocery bags in the cart!

Rowan and Sienna buried in Target bags (they actually liked it, even though their faces don't show it)

Anyway, all in all it was a busy and fun day and it makes me look forward to when the weather ACTUALLY gets nice and they can run around in t shirts and diapers on the farm and eat grass and chase after bugs and smear mud on their faces.


6 thoughts on “One Day Warm Weather Outing

  1. You are a brave, brave woman.

    We looked after a two-year old and 7 month old today and it was wild. T and Micah kept each other entertained but they destroyed everything in their path. Definitely got some empathy for what you will be experiencing….

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