Swimsuits in April

Have you ever tried to force something?

A conversation with a co-worker or an acquaintance that you didn’t know too well.  A workout routine that your heart just wasn’t in to.  A blog draft that’s lacking real substance, yet you post anyway just for the sake of posting {not that I’ve ever done that… :-|}.

If I had to guess, everyone reading so far is nodding their heads yes.  I think it’s in our nature as humans to try and make the best out of certain situations even in adverse conditions.  Most of the time we get through it and move on, relieved that whatever the situation was has passed.  However, sometimes there are unforeseen benefits to our good intentions that make the whole experience worthwhile.

One of the best examples of people trying to force something is happening outside, right now.

Around this time each year, as I’m sure temperate climate dwellers everywhere do, we here in Iowa get pretty sick of winter.  Sure, the snow looks pretty as it falls, but it makes for a crappy commute to work, and shoveling it is a real pain in the butt.  Add the brutally cold temperatures and windchills and it’s no wonder why we contemplate moving to south Florida every Februday.  Yet as the evenings become less dark and the days begin to grow ever-so-slightly warmer, the light at the end of the tunnel doesn’t seem so far away after all.

Enjoying a warm spring day by the lake!

Still, we contine to clamor and yearn for the outdoors.  You see it everywhere.  That freak 75-degree-day in early March where everyone and their dog (literally) is outside in shorts and t-shirts; running, walking, playing…despite the stiff 30 mph breeze that signals a change back to the norm in the not-to-distant future.  We wear flip-flops, and maybe even shorts, when we run our errands or go out, trying our best to force winter to go away for good.  We are so anxious to find a cure for our cabin fever that we actually try to force spring.

Now, take that feeling, add three busy 11-month-olds, two partially crazed parents, and one inflatable pool, and what do you get?

Swimsuits in April.

And not like the “last-weekend-in-April / almost-May” April.  Nope, we’re talking about the “just-three-full-weeks-into-spring / the-snow-just-melted-last-week” April.  Sunday, April 10th, to be precisie.

True:  there was a 20 mph wind blowing from the west.  True:  the water from the hose was bone chilling.  True: We actually had to boil multiple pots of water and fill many 5-gallon buckets with hot water from the kitchen sink to supplement the chilly spigot water and create bath-like-conditions.  True:  we knew that despite our best efforts, the girls would probably last 30 minutes at-most before the whining began and we’d have to pack it in and head back inside.

But gosh darn-it…it was 85 degrees outside!  The sun was shining!  All we were thinking was get. us. outta. this. house!  So we broke out their oh-so-sweet tutu swimsuits once again, slathered on their sun-screen, took off their diapers, and headed outside with the movie camera.  But not before snapping a few precious pictures…

Tiny dancers!

Needing some distraction from Dad...

Too perfect.

The wind was still howling as we brought the girls out, making our 85-degree day feel more like a chilly 70-degrees.  We tried to create a wind barrier using an old comforter and the baby limo, but it only slightly helped our situation rather than fix it completely.  Luckily, our efforts to warm the water temperature worked very well, giving it an almost bath-like feel.  So, we did manage to capture a few fun moments before the crying began.

Sienna, or the old man from the movie Up?

Jovie having a cow!

Rowan would splash and play all day if we let her.

Less than 30 minutes later, we were back inside.  An “A” for effort, an “A” for execution, but an “F” for the less-than-accomodating weather conditions.  We persevered, and in the end made a really good memory and got some seriously cute pictures out of our ordeal. The funny thing is, six to eight weeks from now, we’ll be bringing the girls back inside because it’s too hot outside in the sun.  We won’t have to boil water to fill a blow-up pool; the spigot water will be just what we need for an afternoon cool-down.  It’s just that we wanted spring to be here so badly last Sunday that we were willing to go to extrodinary lengths to make it seem so.

Time to hang it up.

Now it’s back to 50’s and rain…which is fine for the time being.  After all, April showers bring May flowers, right?  There will be plenty of times for outdoor adventures this summer, all I ask is that it be beautiful come May 17th.

Which, I have a feeling it will be…rain or shine.

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About Tom Hardinge

Loving husband to my wife Missy, loving father to my four daughters Sienna, Rowan, Jovie, and Lola. I'm a chronic over-packer who loves good coffee, good music, running, waffle tee's, fleece pants, and Jesus Christ!

9 thoughts on “Swimsuits in April

  1. Tom, you’ve become such an eloquent writer! Every time I read one of your posts I get all weepy eyed! I’m so proud of you, Missy, and those darling babies! Love and miss you (in the words of Collin and Buzz), to infinity and beyond!

  2. Oh my goodness! This post was full of cuteness! I love those swimsuits and I am entirely jealous you get to dress up little girls. 🙂 Maybe one day we will too…

    And, you had me LITERALLY laughing out loud with the Sienna/Old man from Up comment. That face is priceless and does bear a shocking resemblance to the old man from Up. Love it!

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