Picture Perfect Weekend

Missy and I love our weekends. Even though the extraordinary rarely happens, the family time we spend together is irreplaceable.  Our typical weekend routine has been documented before, but to give you some better detail, most of the time it goes something like this:

  • Extra sleep time… for example:  on Saturday I will get up early with the girls to feed and play with them, while Missy gets a few extra hours of shuteye.  A little after eight, she will take over and give them breakfast while I head back down to bed for another hour or two.
  •  Around 10:00AM, the girls go down for their morning nap, and Missy and I go down (stairs) for our breakfast and coffee.  On a good day, the girls sleep for 60-90 minutes.  As they wake up, we play for a bit and then feed them lunch.
  • We try to schedule an afternoon activity, and now that the weather has been warmer, this usually involves a trip to the park, Gray’s Lake, or even the zoo.
  • After our outing, the girls tend to fall asleep in their car seats on the way home.  We usually take advantage of this time to run errands to Target or to get our mail at the town house.
  • Once back home, we put the girls back in their cribs, and hope to get as much of a nap out of them as possible.  But, they’re usually up soon afterwards. So we play for a bit and then do dinner with them around 5:30PM.  The meltdown begins around 6:15, and the girls are usually in bed by 7:00PM.

As you can see, it’s far from lavish, and certainly (in itself) not worth blogging about.  Sunday’s are pretty much “rinse and repeat” from Saturday, but whoever took the first shift on Saturday morning will be the one to sleep in first on Sunday.  On days when we don’t take our outings, Missy usually heads out herself to shop, run errands, and well…just get out of Mommy Mode for a few hours.  If the girls have been in a good way, we try to hit up Church at 5:00PM while grandma and grandpa watch them.

However, occasionally the stars align and everything falls into place to make for the most.perfect.weekend.ever….which was the case last weekend, so let’s get right to it:


  • Rise and Shine…we’re up early for the Northern Warren Fire Department pancake breakfast!  A long time family friend and former farm-hand of the Florer’s has been involved with the NWFD for years, and every May gets us tickets for this all-you-can-eat event.  The weather was perfect, and girls enjoyed exploring the shiny fire trucks.

Photo Op on the Fire Truck

What does this do?


  • Next, it was off to the opening day of the Des Moines Downtown Farmers Market!  Seriously, the DTFM has become one of our favorite things to do in the city; I was giddy as we waded into a sea of people (it was packed) to find our iced coffees and kettle corn (I usually get a breakfast burrito as well, but I was stuffed from earlier said pancake breakfast).

DTFM - Vendor Tents

DTFM - Missy Posing

DTFM - Cool sign in downtown Des Moines.

DTFM - Packed!

DTFM - Three tired ladies

  • We put the errands on hold and got the girls back home for a late morning nap.  Later in the afternoon Missy made a grocery run to grab what we needed to make a homemade spaghetti dinner:

Getting ready for spaghetti.

…this was deee-lish, btw.  We got the girls down to bed before they got too out-of-control I would have considered the weekend a success based on Saturday alone, but we still had another full day of fun ahead of us…which just happened to be Mother’s Day!


  • Woke up early with the girls while letting Missy sleep in for as long she wanted…which was only until 8:45 (weirdo)…
  • We put the girls down for a nap around 10:00 and gave Grandma Cindy her Mother’s Day present: A Panini Press!  I also gave Missy her gifts…a whole French Silk Pie and Gerber Daisies to plant in the “Mothers Day Garden” (more on that perhaps in a later post).
  • Later, while the girls took lunch and spent more time upstairs hangin’ with Daddy’o, Missy set to work on making fantastic lunch Panini’s for everyone (with fresh baked bread).  Sorry, no pics here…we ate the sandos too fast to take any! Why we haven’t had a Panini Press sooner is beyond me.  We then took the girls out for an afternoon stroll…it was a little breezy, but a super gorgeous afternoon.

Rowan enjoying our stroll.

{Love, love, LOVE this picture, P.S.}

  • Afterwards I entertained the troops and sent Missy out of the house for her spa treatment and pedicure.  Missy arrived home pampered and refreshed, and the baby’s dinner and bedtime routine remained the same (plus a bath):

Running amok in the bathroom while Mommy is out.

Jovie with a bubble beard!

(blech…sorry for the blurry bath pic…the phone cam just didn’t cut it this time)

  • We all pitched in to make a pork chop dinner after we got the girls down to sleep.  Unfortunately, the LP tank on the grill was empty, and I officially lost my man card when I tried to grill Iowa Chops outside with the new Panini Press…epic fail.  We ended up broiling the rest of them.  There IS a picture of that, however, the wound is still too fresh…
  • We ended the day by (temporarily) neglecting the dishes waiting for us in the sink and heading outside to sip Blue Moon on the porch as the daylight faded and the warm spring breeze blew our cares away. A most perfect ending a picture perfect weekend.

Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together?

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Loving husband to my wife Missy, loving father to my four daughters Sienna, Rowan, Jovie, and Lola. I'm a chronic over-packer who loves good coffee, good music, running, waffle tee's, fleece pants, and Jesus Christ!

2 thoughts on “Picture Perfect Weekend

  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! We’re so excited for the farmer’s market this summer…we should make a date!

    P.S. Your first weekend scenario made me really tired. Wowzers…not sure how you do it! 🙂

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