Well, today is Tommy and I’s 5 year wedding anniversary.  It really does seem like just yesterday I was walking down the aisle on that hot June day.  I remember waking up and thinking, “I can’t believe it is actually here… 4 years of LONG distance dating, many 17-hour-through-the-night-drives to see each other for less than 48 hours before repeating it again, and many dreams of what it would be like to even just live in the same state… and here we are.”  Okay, so maybe not in those exact words, but you get the point.  There was no doubt in my mind that God has chosen Tommy to be my spouse.  There were so many in-our-face signs that we would have been FOOLS to give up due to the distance separating us.  Each year since that day has been an adventure (this last one being the largest!).  We have learned so much about each other, marriage, parenthood, and most importantly that God is in control and we are totally not.

Due to the fact that I have about 2 hours where I am awake each day without 6 little hands wanting to push buttons on the computer the second they see it open, I decided to blog a couple Top 5 lists to commemorate our Anniversary.

Top 5 things I Love about Tommy.

1- He does things without being asked.  This actually translates to helping relieve stress in my life.  I don’t know about other women, but the fact that the dishes, laundry, cleaning up toys, changing diapers, etc. get taken care of without me having to ask for help may be the sexist thing on earth.  Any man wanting to attract a real woman, take note.

2- His laugh.  I am not talking about the “that was kinda funny” chuckle.  I am talking about the high-pitched almost giggle that starts with a blast of laughter when he can’t control his response to something completely hilarious.  Does anyone else know which laugh I am talking about?  Yeah.  It can brighten any day.

I am not stifling his laugh. I would never do that. I am stopping him from rapping. THIS is the laughing face I am talking about.

3- His hugs.  Most of you reading this know that Tommy is a hugger.  You will rarely leave his presence without one.  I don’t know how a person becomes so great at embracing another, but he is an expert.  It is always genuine and never feels forced and never just the on-the-side-one-arm awkward hug, it is always two arms with a sincere squeeze.

4-His attention to detail.  Tommy always thinks his decisions through.  I want to insert a disclaimer here that lets you know that this quality is not always appreciated if it gets out of hand.  I am a pretty decisive person and like to make quick, yet responsible decisions.  However, if it were not for Tommy’s careful planning, research, and decision-making, we would probably live in Costa Rica in a purple house raising abandoned goats.

Life if I was the planner.

5-His humbleness.  Did you know Tommy is an excellent drawer?  Did you know he is teaching himself to play the piano? (and is already pretty darn good)  Do you know how smart this kid is?  Probably not.  He is an introvert that I am trying to convert to an extrovert (kidding… kind of.)  and does not like to always share what his gifts are even though he totally should because he is awesome.  He could go on Cash Cab and ride around for hours answering questions you and I never even knew existed.

Top 5 Memories

1- Our first date.  We hadn’t seen each other in over 2 years, and the only time we had spent together was at a youth gathering for not more than 3 hours combined.  Countless “IM Chats” and phone calls, a flight and an afternoon together was all we had prior to the date.  We went to a dinner theatre.  I remember nothing about the play.  I was way too excited to just be with him.  I remember I had bunny tracks ice cream because I always remember dessert.  We had our first smooch in the parking lot as he was trying to shield me from the cold wind with his coat and arms.  That was almost exactly 9 years ago today.

The Famous First Picture.

2- Our wedding.  Simple, fun, lots of tears and laughs…barbecue. Boom.

This is such a classic Missy and Tommy dancing picture.

3-The sound of your voice as you announced each baby’s name as they were born.  It was a tone I had never heard before.  A tone of relief, pride, joy and ownership ( in a good way, not possessive way) all at the same time.  It was like you were breaking the ribbon as the first one crossing the finish line of a triple marathon.  It was the most emotion I have ever seen any person emit.

4- Waiting outside your classroom at VMI.  I hadn’t seen you in 4 months and I was so nervous and excited.  I remember clear as day seeing all of the cadets coming out looking the same in their uniforms.  Then all of the sudden, one “uniform” came running at me with arms wide open.  It was such a sense of relief to feel you hug me.  Being apart was the crappiest experience of my life, but it sure did make us appreciate each other and build an unbreakable trust.

A short visit to VMI at a football game.

5-Our Italy trip.  I just love that we can explore new places together and feel totally secure about it because we are together.  I loved the giggly conversations we had after a few too many glasses of wine.  I loved sitting on the pier in the Mediterranean and watching the Italian band perform in our pajamas over a bottle of moscato.  Eating way too much food and riding one too many trains.  It was the trip of a lifetime and even though we planned to take one every few years and then found out that plan wouldn’t work for us anymore :-), I can’t wait to explore new places as a family.

On the Pier in Cinque Terre.

I have so much more to say, but Rowan and Sienna have chosen not to nap today.  So, Happy Anniversary Tommy.  I didn’t find you anything wooden or any silverware that would do as a traditional gift, but I bet you would rather have a weekend to sleep in rather than any of that stuff so that is what you will get.  You are the best.  Not just because I am married to you, but because it is your nature.

Only a real man would wear that and read that.


8 thoughts on “5.

  1. Happy Anniversary Tommy & Missy…you guys need to write a book…it would probably be a best seller!
    Becky & Mike Cleveland

  2. Woooow…where did you find those old pictures from?? Facebook? The dancing picture could be used as blackmail against me…as could a few others here. Happy FIVE year anniversary, Missy!

    “Luv ya!”

  3. Hello, I just jumped over here from Kelsey’s blog and scrolled through several pages and read some of your posts. Beautiful family and an incredible story! You both are wonderful writers. This entry (and birth story) has got me feeling all kinds of emotional. I was wondering what I would do for my husband for Father’s Day and you’ve inspired me to make a list of my own to give to him. Thank you.

    • Hey there, thanks for stopping by (and thank you for the kind words, too ;-))! Sometimes all us guys need to hear is how much we are genuinely appreciated. Small compliments from the heart can go a long way, so I hope you made that list!

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