Snapshots | July 4th

July 4, 2011 | “The Rocket’s Red Glare” | Des Moines Golf & Country Club

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Fact: Missy and I both love fireworks {can’t you tell??}.

In Maryland, my family has attended the Salute to Independence on the grounds of the historic Antietam Battlefield for as long as I can remember. We’d pack blankets, card games, footballs, frisbees, and a picnic dinner so that we could spend almost the entire day with 30,000 people in celebration of our nation’s Independence. Watching fireworks set to a live symphony (as well as the Maryland National Guard’s howitzers fired to the 1812 Overture) against the scenic backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains was always a summer highlight.  Getting home after midnight was not uncommon.

Growing up next to a golf course, Missy never had to leave her backyard for this Fourth of July tradition. Launching from the back of the golf course, some years it seemed as if the fireworks would burst just a few dozen feet above the roof of her house. From her unique vantage point on the farm, she could also watch multiple other displays going on around the metro, including Norwalk, West Des Moines, and Van Meter. Since I’ve been in Iowa, this is where I’ve watched them as well.

Yet much to our chagrin, Willow Creek did not have a display this year, forcing us to look elsewhere for our pyrotechnic fix. Thankfully Missy, Bridget, and I were invited to attend the show at Des Moines Golf and Country Club…and what a show it was! We both have high standards for our fireworks…and these were right up there with the best we’ve seen.

Sadly, the girls were not in attendance; we had tucked them in and left them under the care of the rest of the fam earlier in the evening. Maybe next year…

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