Criss Cross Apple Sauce

No, this post has nothing to do with silently sitting cross-legged on an uncomfortable industrial carpet in elementary school while the teacher reads a “Big Book” to the class. {Can you believe it was called “Indian Style” when we were kids? This can’t still be PC, can it?!}

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When living on a farm, one tends to become extremely well versed in the creation of delicious cuisine from the food growing right outside the doorstep. One of these dishes that the Florer’s have particularly become experts in crafting over the years is homemade apple sauce. They have honed this art down to a science, and last weekend I was able to not only witness, but take part in their tradition for the first time…clearly, I have not been living until now.

While the apples gathered over Labor Day weekend were only used for our apple crisp, the small Florer Farms orchard still had bushels of fruit ripe and ready for the taking. So late last week, out we went for a full on harvest.

Making apple sauce is a lot easier than I thought, although we did have a few modern amenities that helped our cause. Regardless, I would highly recommend giving this a try on your own; it’s worth your effort, and the results are simply delicious! Just follow these eight steps to enjoy fabulous homemade applesauce of your own.

Step 1: Collect the Apples

Our hired help was clearly more interested in eating rather than collecting. They love picking (and munching) apples so much that we could hardly get them to stand still long enough to take these pictures!

Although we had plenty of apples from our favorite “Grandma Tree”, we supplemented our intake with a few sweeter varieties handpicked from…the grocery store.

Step 2: Slice & Dice

Step 3:  Steam for 20 minutes by filling your largest pot to the brim with your slices, as well as 2 to 3” of water. Cover, heat, and let the magical aroma fill your house.

Step 4: Mash

It helps if you have the new-fangled auger-styled apple masher attachment for your Kitchen Aide mixer. It peels, mashes, and separates the edible parts from not so edible parts all in one simple step! It is such a time (and wrist) saver!

Step 5: Add the sugar…

… add the cinnamon…

…and vigorously combine!

Step 6: Can! Or is it jar? Either way…just make sure that whatever you use is sanitized by swishing it with boiling hot water just before adding the goods.

Step 7: Seal.

{It helps to sing “Kiss from a Rose” while waiting.}

{Not true.}

Step 8: Let cool, and then enjoy your spoils! I mean, you just went through all that hard work… at least crack open one jar 😉 Just keep the rest tucked away in a cool, dry place to enjoy later. Or better yet, you can use your jars as gifts to give for friends and family! Once sealed, they keep for months.

Oh…and uh, just leave that clean up for later…much, much later. Hey, the leftovers make great composting material!

Ok, so this it may look a little intimidating, but as I mentioned earlier: don’t be afraid to give homemade apple sauce a try…trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to head downstairs for a midnight snack…

…om nom nom…

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6 thoughts on “Criss Cross Apple Sauce

  1. We cannot wait to get ours in the mail!!! 😉 You thought of us, right?!?! ha ha

    Seriously, I love homemade applesauce…but I don’t have the cool machine to peel the apples. I’m a bit jealous! I would make it more if I didn’t have to peel the dumb things.

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