Construction Update #2 | Weeks 1-4

Meetings. In the construction world, we have many. Some helpful, some…not so much. The most typical form of meeting occurs on a weekly or bi-weekly basis in which the construction team informs the building owner of everything that has been happening on the project since the last meeting, as well as the things that will be happening in the weeks ahead.

Now that the construction across the street at 645 has begun in earnest, I figured that the best way to keep everyone in the loop and up-to-date on all the latest is to host our own construction meeting. Although in this forum we lack the latest scheduling software, Go-To Meeting, and power point that one would usually find on a large jobsite, we can fake it pretty well…and show off some pretty cool pictures to make up for what we lack.

Alas, given how busy we’ve all been lately, I’m already a few weeks behind. So without further delay,  I give you Construction Update #2:

At last report, you saw that it was out with the old and in with the new…literally…as old 645 Army Post burned to the ground in a fiery blaze of glory…

…while the whole gang gathered to watch, and have some fun, on the sidelines.

{Ok, seriously. How cute are those pictures?!}

And although the diggers were quick to move in soon after the flames had been quenched…

…the site then sat vacant for almost ten days.

Permitting issues and miles of paperwork were to blame…even though you’d think that with months to prepare, we’d have everything in order as soon as the old house fell. Nonetheless, our “T’s” have now all been crossed and our “I’s” have all been dotted; we’re now off and to the races! However, just as the crew was gearing up to pour footings and foundations, inclement weather moved in, causing even further delays.

{That’s right…central Iowa had not received any measurable rainfall in over two full months, yet the week we went to pour concrete it rained for three straight days, and then snowed over three inches before we saw the sun again…but I’m not bitter.}

Yet the weather soon decided to cooperate once again, giving our crew the window they needed to pour footings and foundations!

And all the world rejoiced, finally seeing notable progress 🙂

Up Next: Underground plumbing is to begin shortly, and we *should* start to see floors going in by the end of the week. Make sure to check back every Monday for the latest construction update!

Non-Construction Update:  Have you heard that we’re having another baby? Well now we want to hear from you! I’ve set up a side-bar poll on the home page (meaning that if you clicked on a direct link to this post, click here, or the picture below, to head back over to our main screen) so that you can vote on whether you think baby #4 will be a boy or a girl. Early returns show all-boy, but we’ve got a long way to go before finding out in December…so make sure you sound off now!


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