Construction Update #3 | Week 5

Confession:  so little has happened across the street this past week that I almost considered not posting an update today. Yet after reminding readers last week to “check back here every Monday for the latest construction update,” I figured that backing out one week later wasn’t setting a very good precedent, so I reconsidered.

That said, it hasn’t been a very exciting week from a construction standpoint. In fact, one would have to look closely to find any progress at all. So what was the hold up? Has more bad weather further delayed the job schedule? Are there labor disputes and picketing workers? Have Missy and I run out of money already?

Actually, the truth behind the lull in activity is far less exciting; after pouring our foundation walls a full ten days ago, it has been all hands off so that the concrete has had ample time to cure and solidify before the framing begins.

See, I told you so. It’s been about as exciting as watching paint concrete dry can be.

However, there has been *some* minor progress of note, despite the lack of change in physical appearance above the ground level. The underground plumbing was completed while everyone waited, including the sump pit, sewage ejector, and rough-ins for our future basement bathroom.

After the underground work was finished, the concrete trucks returned again just this past Friday to give us our basement floor.

Backfill work has also begun in and around the garage (note the pink insulation board against the garage footings. That’s so the garage doesn’t freeze in winter, don’tcha know. Thanks for the tip, G-pa Steve!).

Oh, and our north-facing egress window was saw-cut out, after it was missed in the original pour…

Yep…I’m reeeeaally reaching at this point.

However, I DO like that hunk of concrete they removed just non-chelantly thrown into the dirt pile behind the house. I could probably use that for some-thing. Oh, and speaking of dirt: we’ve got plenty extra. Anybody looking for some?

No, seriously…

Monday Evening Update:  Arriving home from work after 5:30 Monday evening, I was shocked to still see the site busy as a beehive. As the the concrete trucks pulled in and the flood lights went up, I could only assume that the crew was purposefully trying to stay one step ahead of the weather, which looks like it might be touch-and-go throughout the rest of the week.

Well, that…as well as making up for the hours they won’t be out working over the long holiday weekend!

Up Next:  This week promises to be a bit more exciting. As you can see, the framing materials have also found their way to the jobsite…

…and I’m told that the actual walls will begin to go up as soon as Tuesday. One can only hope!

Non-Construction Updates:  Missy and I spent over half the week picking out our exterior doors and windows after I made a trip to the Pella showroom last Monday. From hardware, to colors, to styles…you would be amazed at how many choices there are over something so seemingly simple. Even so, we managed to make our selections and meet our budget…win!

We’ve also made another big decision when it comes to the inner workings of our new home:  we’ve decided to go geothermal for our heating and cooling needs! This might not seem like a big deal to some, but the engineer side of me is totally geeking out {plus it will be a huge money-saver down the line, especially as energy costs continue to rise…so my fiscally responsible side is totally geeking out as well ;-)}.

That’s all for now…new update next Monday. No more concrete pictures, I promise!


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8 thoughts on “Construction Update #3 | Week 5

  1. is it good dirt/soil? like, not clay? all we have is clay at our house, so my garden is always at the mercy of the elements plus whatever bagged soil i end up splurging on! it wont make a dent, but we’d come get a trailer-full 🙂

    we are right there with you on our basement construction and all the choices out there – i have a feeling your whole house will be finished before our basement is even close!!

    • Hm…honestly I haven’t been up close enough to inspect it. More than likely, there is *some* clay mixed in throughout, but I’m sure we’ve got more than enough black dirt in there for your purposes! I don’t personally have any means of dispersal either, so bring your shovel 🙂

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