Construction Update #4 | Week 6

Well, if last week was uneventful, then most of this week {at least from a construction standpoint} was truly dull in every sense of the word. No underground plumbing, no dirt being moved, heck…there wasn’t even any concrete being poured, save for the garage floor last Monday night.

I know…I know. I even promised you last post that there would be no more cement pictures! Believe me, I’m as thrilled about it as you probably are, which is to say…not very. Framing was due to start last Tuesday, but a low pressure system left central Iowa water-logged (again…of course) for most of the day, pushing the framers out even further. Still no action Wednesday left us staring at this view:

…for the duration of our holiday weekend {heavy sigh}.

However, things may be turning a corner. Our house framers {finally!} showed up this morning…

…and have been going gangbusters since 8:00AM. Heh…sorry, no pictures on the actual framing just yet. By the time I arrived home, it was too dark to take any for this post.

Up Next: With no impending holidays and dry weather in the forecast,

I have good reason to believe that this coming week will be our most productive yet. Fingers crossed!

Non-Construction Update: We hope everyone out there had a most-excellent Thanksgiving weekend! Miss and I kicked off our extended break with a trip to the Bonefish Grill for drinks and apps on Wednesday. It was so refreshing to sit at the bar, eat our Bang-Bang shrimp at a leisurely pace, and carry on uninterrupted adult conversations…even if only for an hour or so.

We stayed local for the holiday, with our only excursion being a ten minute trip to Missy’s Aunt & Uncle’s place in town. We did travel in style, and even rolled up with our own high-chairs (BYOHC? You bet’cha.) for the big meal! And rest assured that Missy and I defiantly maintained our positions at the kids table for dinner while we fed the girls.

Alas; I did not get to prepare my famous campfire turkey this year 😦 Not that the girls really gave the turkey much of a chance, anyway. So we soon found ourselves entertaining the herd on the living room floor.

By the way…did you hear that West Des Moines had near-record high temperatures for Thanksgiving this year? It was so warm, in fact, that the girls got to wear their cute sun dresses once more before putting them away for the season…we even had to ditch their sweaters by mid-afternoon!

The rest of our weekend intentionally remained blissfully uneventful…hence the lack of blog updates on our end. Don’t worry…we’re finally back into the swing of things; now it’s full steam ahead to Christmas!

How was your holiday?


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