Construction Update #5 | Week 7

{Begin: trumpets from 2001: A Space Odyssey theme}

In the beginning..there was nothing.

Then…mysterious wall-like forms began to mold and take shape.

…and slowly, a mighty citadel began to rise out of the barren earth!

{…tympani’s….dun DAAAAA!}

And I was all like….whhoooomp, there it is! Whoomp there it is! Aaaahhhh whoomp, chaka laka chaka laka chaka laka chaka!

…..roof trusses! Interior walls! WHOOMP chaka laka chaka laka chaka laka chaka…!

Did I just go Tag Team to celebrate the most substantial progress we’ve seen across the street since old 645 burned to the ground? Yes, yes I did. Don’t judge me while I do my happy dance.

Up Next: Getting the house enclosed before any more nasty December weather moves in is the number one priority at this point. At the rate the guys are moving now though, I have no doubt that this will happen within the next few days.

Non-Construction Update: The Hardinge’s and the Florer’s are all on the mend here at the farm. Thanks to everyone for the well-wishes! The nasty bug did its damage and left us all by Friday evening, just in time for Missy and I attend my annual Christmas party through work. Perfect 🙂

Back on the home front, our cold turkey sandwiches have all been consumed and the guilt-free Christmas decorating has begun to transform the house for the holidays. Of course, decking the halls for Christmas this year presents its own unique challenges…

….which we’ve managed to negotiate quite successfully I think. The girls can look, but they just can’t touch yet! We hope to set up our own, more kid-friendly tree soon…the girls are so anxious as we get into the Christmas spirit!


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7 thoughts on “Construction Update #5 | Week 7

  1. You better believe I listened to the song the entire time I read this post! : ) Made my morning! So excited to see it in person! woot!

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