Construction Update #6 | Week 8

This view will never get old.

This is what I see now each morning on my way out the door as I head to work. Not long ago, there was just an empty field with a hole in the middle of it. Before that, there was an ugly pink house…but now, to me…this view is glorious. Honestly, I am nothing short of giddy each day when I lay eyes on those gables rising so serenely from the surrounding farm land.

With every passing day, more and more progress is made on the house, but now that the “major” exterior stuff is framed (like the walls…and the roof) we have to look a little harder to see what’s been completed. However, I don’t think I’ve had a chance to show off the other views from the outside:

Most all of the interior walls have been framed, so Missy and I are finally starting to get a feel for how the layout we’ve been staring at on paper for months will look. Rooms that once looked “small” seem large and comfortable now that we have an overall spatial perspective.  Unfortunately, as much as I’d like to give you the room-by-room rundown, our 2×4 stud walls look pretty much like any other 2×4 stud walls…

…so I’ll have to wait a few more weeks for some drywall to really show you what’s what. {Like, for example…would you have guessed that picture above is a view looking into our kitchen? The one below is looking into one of the girls’ bedrooms?

And this one of Missy, who happens to be modeling in the spot of our future bathtub?}

Probably not. However, we do finally have steps leading down into the basement, which is {once you see it from the insideginormous.

I’m already trying to claim some prime realestate for my man cave, but Missy seems to think that the space beside our furnace and water heater will be sufficient. We shall see 😉

Up Next: Roof shingles are slated to arrive on Tuesday. HVAC ductwork and above grade plumbing are ongoing processes at this point, and exterior doors should soon be making their way to the house. This will allow us to fully enclose the house and provide temporary heat for the guys…a much appreciated commodity in the dead of winter.

Non-Construction Update: With the majority of our Christmas shopping completed, Missy and I are now in full-trip planning mode. If you haven’t heard, the Hardinge Five (+1) will be making the 17-hour journey east to spend the holidays with our family and friends in Maryland! The final arrangements are all starting to fall in to place…and we’re getting so excited.

We’ve already made a big change to the swagger wagon here in preparation for the trip: this past weekend we turned all three of the girls’ car seats around to face forward! Our thought is that they will be so preoccupied with the world around them that they won’t have time to fuss or complain on the drive! Well…that, and non-stop Dora and Diego DVD’s…

{FYI…The old car seat recommendation was one year old, and the new recommendation is two years or more…so we sorta split the difference and made the move at 19 months. Our girls are so long that we’ve had the seat-backs almost fully reclined so that their legs weren’t so cramped.}

It’s so great to finally see their faces in the rear view mirrow. On our first jaunt around town with the new configuration, Jovie could not stop giggling and saying “Wooooooww!” What a sweetie!

More on our trip to come!


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9 thoughts on “Construction Update #6 | Week 8

  1. yay!!!! love all of this! Can’t wait to see the house in person! so happy for you…..(what is it now…..) oh, right: SIX! : ) xoxoxo

  2. Looks absolutely awesome and we are so psyched for you guys. It seems so much bigger than the plans looked. Building your first house is such a natural high! Girls are precious.

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