Just a brief note tonight (as I typically like to devote my weekends to non-bloggy things), but we wanted to let our friends and family know that Saturday we were all saddened to learn that Harvey Florer, Missy’s grandfather, had passed away at the age of 92.

After a brief internal debate on whether or not it was appropriate to share this news with everyone via blog post, we’ve decided that it was probably an OK thing to do…after all, it was just a few months ago when I introduced you to Harvey and shared about his unique connection to homecoming at Valley High School.

Harvey was a funny man. Over these past few years we had come to look forward to his visits, as he would occasionally join the family for Sunday dinner (and Sunday dessert…I have never seen that man turn down a good piece of pie and cold ice cream). He always brought his wryly wit and sometimes not-so-p.c. sense of humor with him, which was sure to cause an uproar of laughter at some point in the evening. And even though he made sure to wear his dentures, he never really cared much for their adhesives…so most of the time they were just kinda…hangin’ out…causing us to only understand one out of every three words. He also always brought his hearing aids {as he was told to do so}…but they almost always remained tucked away inside his shirt pocket 😉

Oh Grandpa…

Yet as I was reading through his obituary,  I was blown away by how much of an impact he had on our community over the years:

  • Graduated from Valley High School in January of 1939, where he was awarded a total of twelve letters in Football, Track, and Wrestling.
  • Served his country during the Second World War.  He joined the Army Air Corps and served as a Sergeant from 1941 to 1945, seeing more than his share of battle in both the Philippines and Okinawa.
  • Owned Florer Coal and Feed located at 3rd and Maple in West Des Moines after returning from the war.
  • Elected to the West Des Moines City Council and served for two years.
  • Obtained his realtors license and opened Florer Realty in 1960.
  • Owned and operated Ruff and Reddy Antiques.
  •  After his wife Hildreth (of 62 years, mind you) passed away in 2004, he created a scholarship fund that is awarded every year at Valley’s Homecoming to each young woman voted queen in her honor.
  • And of course, while he was running his businesses, he also pursued his passion of farming, raising livestock and growing crops.

{Excuse me while I go pick up my jaw off of the floor.}

Seriously, if I ended up as half the man Harvey was…I’d consider my life a success.

Word is that Harv maintained that same boyish wit he was know for to the end, making wise cracks and eating ice cream (even sneaking in an extra helping…that sly dog ;-)) as if it were just another day in the neighborhood. I can’t tell you how thankful we are that the he had a chance to meet and spend time with his great-grand daughters…and even though they won’t remember their time with him {other than through these pictures}, we are incredibly blessed that he was a part of their lives.

Harvey, may you finally rest in peace…you will surely be missed by all.

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