Construction Update #7 | Week 9

All my shingle ladies!! (…All my shingle ladies…)

All my shingle ladies!! (…All my shingle ladies…)

Now put ya hands UP!

Ok, sorry…I’ll stop. But guess what?! We have roof shingles (brown, even though they look black in the low light)!! And siding shingles (I love the way that second picture shows our gable details)!!

Oh, and look! We have actual siding now too!

…it’s just that no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t figure out how to work siding into any sort of pop song {and my sincere apologies to those of you who will be humming Beyoncé now for the next 45 minutes}. But yes, by mid last week we had a complete roof on top our house! Just in the nick of time, too, as by Wednesday another deluge had rolled in engulfed the entire region. We were fortunate to have the top side crew working hard to complete the job. There is just nothing worse than a leaky house at this phase of the game.

The siders began early last week as well (sidenote: I love how I don’t know their actual job titles, so I refer to the laborers by the task they are performing…framer, roofer, sider…if there are any home builders out there, I apologize for my ignorance), and are all but finished putting siding on the house. If you notice, our siding almost has a greenish tint with tan colored trim; that’s actually the raw siding panel color, which will be painted once the weather starts to warm up again this spring as our completion date nears. However, Missy and I are actually in love with the whole sage green siding/cream color trim idea…so our true colors won’t be too far off from what you see here! Funny how that worked out 🙂

Our other big news of the week was our walk through with the electrician! Having reviewed the overall electrical plan last week we joined our builder Steve, as well as our electrician Shawn, on Saturday to make sure all of our outlets, light fixtures, and switches were going in their right places.

Overall, most everything had already laid out pretty close to the way we wanted them, but there were still some last minute adjustments that needed to be made. You can bet Mama Missy had her say in the precisie location where everything needed to be. She stepped up and lead the charge in directing what went where, how high it was to go, and how many there should be.

Don’t worry, I definitely had my say as well. We only get one shot at this before those walls are sealed up for good; we had to make sure we got it right the first time around! Oh, we also posed together for prosperities sake after our walk through was completed…

…after which I was told that I needed to upload the picture to Facebook. I’m on it, Steve!

Up Next: Plumbing rough-ins are still happening…

…and ductwork is being run all throughout the house. This breakneck pace will soon cool off, as the holidays draw near and the major outdoor stuff is winding down. However, the more intricate work inside will be ramping up…which will unfortunately take longer to complete. Oh well, I’d say that the house is looking pretty great so far…

…and we couldn’t be more satisfied with the way things are turning out!

Non-Construction Update: you GUYS! Thank you all so very much for all of the kind words of congratulations you had for me after finding out that I had passed my PE Exam! I was absolutely floored by the insane outpouring of gratitude that I received last week…

…and I honestly-truly cannot thank you enough :-D. You obviously had a lot more confidence in me than I ever did…I should seriously learn to listen better. You all are awesome!

• • • • •

On a more solemn note, the family has made final arrangements for Grandpa Harvey; we will be receiving friends and family from 5:00-7:00PM on Tuesday night at McLarens Resthaven Chapel in West Des Moines. He will then be laid to rest at 10:30AM Wednesday with full military honors. For those who are interested, memorial contributions may be made to The Hildreth Florer Homecoming Queen Scholarship at Valley High School.


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7 thoughts on “Construction Update #7 | Week 9

  1. You seriously crack me up! Love that you are a corn-ball too! I just literally LOL’d. And had to read/sing the first few lines to Jon. I really wish we all lived closer! You and Missy are great entertainment!

  2. i love the gables and siding colors 🙂 we were going to do a brown/sage green thing with white trim if we built our house – sounds like yours will be pretty close to that!!

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