Construction Update #9 | Week 11

Soooo…obviously, we haven’t exactly been home to keep tabs on all the goings on across the street at our new house. Fortunately, I’ve enlisted a few spies to make sure everything stays on track…and boy, have they ever. We have walls…

…no, like, actual walls!

Note the arches, too! A much better shot this time. This one (above) leads into our little office/study area off of the master bedroom. This one (below) is is a hallway arch, coming in from the garage and looking in to the master bedroom:

There was so much drywall dust flying that it almost looked as if they were building in the midst of a massive snow storm! Anyway, this is our kitchen area:

…and this is half-wall separates the great room from the basement stairs.

Getting the idea yet? Free tours available upon request!

Up Next: We just received another e-mail from our builder Steve: we will need to have kitchen cabinetry and bathroom vanities on site within two weeks. It looks like we’ll be heading up north to grab those before too long!

We will also be picking out our interior doors and trim packages this week or next. Now that the holidays are over, our main focus will be getting this house finished!

Non-Construction Update:

Just kidding. You’re all winners in my book ;-). But seriously…how many of you just voted ‘girl’ to go against the grain, and how many people actually saw that coming? I think Missy and I are both still in shock. The name debate has already begun, but you won’t get to know until May…sorry!

In other news: the Hardinge clan has returned home to Iowa…so good to be back in CST! Yes, we’ve successfully survived the holidays, and perhaps more importantly: survived two 36-hour road trips across the country and back with three 19-month-old toddlers. The kids are currently in detox while Missy and I sit curled up in fetal positions slowly rocking back and forth in the corner.

Missy has much, much more to say on our little road trip; you do not want to miss that.

More to come on all our holiday festivities as well, that is…as soon as we’ve fully recovered!


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5 thoughts on “Construction Update #9 | Week 11

  1. it looks so great!! i hear you about the drywall dust – it has infested our entire house now 😦 but at least you can say the messiest part is over after that!!

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