Snapshots | A Hardinge Family Christmas

December 25, 2011 | “A Hardinge Family Christmas” | Hagerstown, Maryland

  • Festive looking flannel shirt? Check.
  • Super-cute homemade Christmas outfits {fleece!} from Granny Mona? Check.
  • Antsy toddlers with vacant stares looking upon the off-camera lineup of family members acting like total fools to try and get smiles? Check.
  • Just happy to be surrounded by kith and kin in a warm home and loving home, all surviving together the craziness that the holidays can become?


(Never you mind the toy milk carton and children’s bench in the background…)

Between planning, preparing and packing for our massive cross-country holiday road trip, we never managed to send out our annual Christmas cards (plus, we figured that it would be extremely difficult to top last year’s edition, no matter how hard we tried). Yet now that we have some time to finally sit down and decompress (as well as some amazing pictures from our trip that we can’t wait to share), we figured that we should at least do SOME-thing. So please accept this {belated} 2011/2012 Hardinge Christmas Card: E-Edition! 😀

In all seriousness, we hope that all of you had very merry and joyous Christmas, as well as a safe and extra happy New Year. Thank you so much for following along with us on our little journey…we love you all!

{Hey, better late than never, right? 😉 Photo by Hannah G.}


3 thoughts on “Snapshots | A Hardinge Family Christmas

  1. Love it! I didn’t notice the milk carton and bench until you mentioned it….should have kept quiet on that one. 🙂 We are right there with you…we got our cards after Christmas so we sent out only a few and just kept the rest {hence, you never got one from us}. So, it will be on my blog soon as well. Haha. Maybe next year we will all have it together! Maybe not…

    • That would be so awesome! I debated whether or not to say anything about the toys…but you know that someone would have noticed it! You can still send one to us, ya know… we won’t judge you for receiving a Christmas card after New Year’s!

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