Construction Update #10 | Week 12

Due to our busy December, full work schedules, and a general lack of daylight past 4:30PM, it’s been no less than three weeks since Missy and I had fully seen the inside of our house in person. Now even though I usually manage to drop in each day on my way home from work, by that time the sun has already set…leaving me trying to view the minute details of daily activity with the light from my Flashlight App. So by the time Missy and I walked over for a tour of our house on Saturday afternoon, we were astounded by what awaited us inside:

Gone are the stud-framed walls, as well as all previously exposed wiring, piping, and ductwork…fist bump!

Plus as a bonus: it’s clean. Notice the rolls of brown paper now completely cover the floor in preparation for taping and spackling (mudding) of the drywall once the house has permanent heat and power.

On the outside, our massive piles of dirt are mostly gone, and our garage doors have finally been installed (those will eventually be painted to compliment the house colors)…

…and an RV electrical service outlet has been connected in preparation for my ol’ man rolling into town later this summer with the family airstream!

And of course, for anyone else that wants to come park an RV in our driveway for weeks at a time {insert Cousin Eddie reference here}…

Up Next:  The big-ticket item this week is that the house will soon have permanent power and temporary heat, which is necessary for drying the “mud” that will be used to conceal drywall seams and nails. We’ve also selected our interior doors and hardware, as well as the trim and baseboard package (more on that in a minute)…so I’m assuming those will be installed in the near future.

As far as I know, outside our geo-wells will be drilled in the upcoming weeks. I bet those guys will love not having to deal with drilling through snow and frost, which typically covers the ground of Iowa in January.

(Whoops…spoke too soon. Despite a high of 67 degrees last week, it’s currently snowing with a sustained 25 mph wind…)

Non-Construction Update (sort of):  If you didn’t think that Missy and I we were crazy enough, this past weekend only further confirmed it, as we willingly threw ourselves back into the car for another day-long road trip. This time it was up to the twin cities and back (4+ hours each way) to pay another visit to Ikea. And to be fair, it wasn’t just a car, it was Grandpa Steve’s pickup truck & a 10-foot trailer.

The main goal of the trip was to pay for and pick up our kitchen cabinetry, which we had designed in-store during our previous jaunt to Bloomington (to be assembled off-site and installed once the drywall is completed).

However, since we were making the long trip up and back again, we figured that we might as well grab a few other things too…like a media center, a few dressers, a vanity for the powder room, and light fixtures, as well as a few dozen other home organizers and knickknacks that we could help but buying. Yeah. It was bad. Or amazing, depending on which way you look at it.

With so many post-Christmas sales on top of already low prices…it’s hard not to go crazy in Ikea. Case and point: us.

Oh! And before heading north, Missy and I met with our builder Steve at a local homebuilding center (Gilcrest Jewett, for those of you in IA) to select our interior door, hardware, trim, and baseboard packages.

Needless to say, we didn’t arrive home until well after midnight; talk about a marathon day. Of course none of this would have been possible without all-day help with the girls from Cindy, Shannon, and Steve…grazie mille!!

Non-Construction Update (for real): In other news, Aunt Melissa and Uncle Jake welcomed their son Wyclif Henry into the world on Monday! Missy and I officially have a nephew, while Grandma Cindy and Grandpa Steve finally have their grandson 😉 We’re all so very excited to meet the “little prince” in person someday in the not-so-distant future!

Didn’t your heart just melt a little?

Also, lots more from our holiday adventure east forthcoming!


In an effort of limit the ever-growing list of hyperlinks each week, I’ve created a permanent landing for all things house & building related. Make sure you stop over and check it out!


7 thoughts on “Construction Update #10 | Week 12

  1. curious…who drove the truck pulling the trailor ? Thinking this is not much different from a Winabega (sp?) 🙂
    Absolutely beautiful picture of Melissa holding Wyclif. A beautiful baby.

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