The Big Reveal

With so many memories to share and amazing stories to tell from our holiday trip east, it’s hard to pick exactly where to begin…so it only makes sense that I start at the end, right? Which is good, because I’m sure the one story you are most anxious to hear about happened towards the end of our trip: the Gender Reveal Party!

But first, some background:

On December 19th, Missy and I went in for our 20(ish) week ultrasound. This was the full mid-way point diagnostic check, and our baby looked perfect. There was a good strong heartbeat and all the measurements were right where they needed to be. However, when we were asked if we wanted to know the sex, we calmly explained that we did, but we would like it to be written in an envelop and sealed tight. So when the time came, our tech asked us to please turn away…we hid our eyes while the tech made her notes.

The results were written down and a picture printed for proof was placed inside an envelop and sealed, to be put in the mail that very same morning to our baker friend in Maryland…who happened to be a close friend with my cousin and had happily agreed to make cupcakes for the big day. {FYI…last time we did this, we didn’t make it out of the parking lot before tearing into the same sealed envelops. Thankfully, we showed a little more self restraint this time 😉}

Anyway, our thought was that she (our baker, Kristina of Kristina’s Cakes) would then receive and open the envelop, see the gender of our child before anyone else, bake plain-Jane vanilla cupcakes and fill them with vanilla frosting color either pink or blue, revealing to all whether Hardinge Baby #4 was a girl or a boy upon first bite.

Now, fast forward!

We had spent all week leading up to our party brainstorming ideas to make the day even more fun and special. Our e-vites were sent out to our family and close friends…

…we made blue mustaches and pink hair bows, which were then glued to close pins so that our guests could make their prediction as soon as they walked in the door {and have a fun little party favor to take home}…

…and color-coordinating adult beverages were made for everyones enjoyment.

Our blue (we swear that it was blue…or close to blue…we tried) concoction was a big hit…and not just because more guests chose boy 😉

We mingled for an hour or two, eating, drinking, telling stories, and making small talk. Everyone was in charge of an appetizer to share, so our tables were overflowing with the bountiful edibles.

Oh, and our party favors made for good picture poses, too!

Thanks Robert…

We put the girls down at their usual bedtime just after 7:30…and then the real fun began. First, we divided up the room: the abundance of “Team Boy” supporters on our right…

…and the small but mighty “Team Girl” supporters on our left.

Pictures were taken as the cupcakes were passed out, with explicit instructions not to bite into any of your desserts early!

The tension and suspense in the room was almost palpable. {My heart is racing even as I type this three weeks later!}. We unwrapped all together…

…began the countdown from five, and chomped down to reveal…

…awww heck. My words aren’t doing this justice…just watch for yourselves!

The gasp of shock was audible throughout the room. I don’t even think Team Girl actually saw that coming…and Team Missy definitely didn’t!

That’s “F” as in “four“…as in “four girls?!” in the picture above ;-)…

Oh yeah. It doesn’t get any pinker than that!

Everyone was in a joyous and celebratory mood after their dessert. Poppy even broke out the banjo for a few festive tunes…

…and soon attracted a crowd!

…while the rest of us sat around chatting about the prospect of Missy and I actually having four girls under the age of two next May.

Slowly the guests began to trickle out, and by the end of the night only an intimate group of friends and family remained to laugh, talk, and play games (and blogged) well past our bedtimes.

We couldn’t ask for a more perfect ending to such a fun an amazing evening.

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