Construction Update #11 | Weeks 13 & 14

I know.

I know! We were on such a good streak, too! I just couldn’t justify asking Missy to run across the street, snap a few pics, and e-mail them to me while I was away on top of everything else she had going on. Even though I’ve posted from afar in weeks past, well…I figured that missing one week wouldn’t hurt. Plus it turns out that I picked a pretty good week to skip, ’cause not much at all changed while I was away, actually.

The floor is a little messier, and the drywall tape and spackle has been…drying? From the walls…

…to the ceilings…

…the garage…

…and everything else in between.

Ok, so I guess that’s still just a shot of more walls drying, but…you get the idea. I will say though that it was great to walk inside a warm building. We actually had to take our gloves and hats off when walking through the house!

Outside, there is a new giant hole in the front lawn:

…which the plumbers had recently dug so that they could connect the water line from the street to the house. Their backhoe fits in nicely, doesn’t it?

Up Next: Our baseboard, trim, and interior doors just arrived at the house on Tuesday, as well as our fully assembled kitchen cabinets (whoomp!). Those will all be be installed soon, which leads us to our next big item: paint!

Missy and I spent Monday night pouring over chips and samples (and fried chicken at the Highlife Lounge), trying to figure out which colors we’d like best for our new digs.

Decisions, decisions! We’re already second-guessing our choices…so I’m willing to bet that a few more trips to Sherwin Williams will be made this weekend…

Non-Construction Update: Things are slowly returning to normal here on the Florer farm. That is…as normal as things can be while raising three 20-month old girls. We’ve managed to get back into our routine pretty quickly, and Missy sure appreciates having the extra help in the mornings…and evenings…and every minute in between that I’m home again.

Yeeeep, so other than that…not much new to report. Oh, but here’s a picture of Rowan finger-painting with her ketchup!


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4 thoughts on “Construction Update #11 | Weeks 13 & 14

  1. yay for walls! are they not painting before doing the trim? it was SO much easier to paint without trim, carpet, cabinets, etc. installed. but since you have actual professionals doing your house, they know the right order of things and we probably just did it backward, lol. 🙂 best of luck with the paint choices, it can be tough, we did a lot of flip-flopping, but ultimately the paint samples on the actual walls made our decisions for us.

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