Construction Update #12 | Week 15

First rule of carpentry: measure twice, cut once. First rule in designing your Ikea kitchen with their online 3D kitchen planner: measure twice…and then measure three more times…before you purchase. Then you won’t end up stuck with a plan that shows a kitchen 10” wider than what was actually built.


After a frustrating week and some creative scrambling, thankfully all isn’t as bad as originally feared. We did end up with one extra 24” wall cabinet and one extra 12” base cabinet (which will both now be incorporated into the laundry room), but those were minor casualties in what could have been a very expensive change order (wall extensions, door alterations, etc.).

In other news, trim carpentry is absolutely flying along…

…most of our doors are installed, including our scha-weet dutch door…

…but Missy and I are still struggling to finalize our paint colors. Hopefully we’ll make our selections soon!

Up Next: So… We thought that we had our flooring selections all figured out, but the final numbers just came in over budget. Looks like it might be back to square one in that department. Things are obviously moving quickly, so we need to grit our teeth and make some tough decisions this weekend so that we can keep this project on schedule. We may have to start recruiting volunteers if we decide to self-install…so consider yourselves warned ;-).

We also have yet to pick out countertops, appliances, and of course…those dang paint colors.

The list goes on and on…

Non-Construction Update:  It’s still warm here in Iowa! And our kids are still outside getting filthy falling in the dirt, galloping on chopped trees…

…and exploring old tractors on the farm!

However, our first major winter storm is expected this weekend, so maybe we’ll be outside in boots and suits playing in the snow rather than the mud by Super Bowl Sunday.

In BG4 news (baby girl four) the great name debate has begun, and although Missy is operating in the “we still have three months to decide” mode, it’s driving me crazy that we haven’t figured this out yet! I don’t even think we have a consensus top five…so we’re open for suggestions! At least…I am…

Mama is still holding up well, but seems to think that there is a tiny ninja growing inside her. There was plenty of movement with the girls, but she reports that it was nothing like this. Also, despite some disconcerting heart rate/blood pressure issues early last week, things seemed to have calmed down and returned to normal. Although she’s not worried about preeclampsia yet, our specialist just asked that we keep a constant eye on Missy’s BP…which includes using the portable cuff we have at home and frequent visits to the school nurse when she’s at work.

Your continued thoughts and prayers for the health and safety of all would be greatly appreciated!

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10 thoughts on “Construction Update #12 | Week 15

  1. so much progress! awesome! joel has learned a thing or two about being a handyman, so holler if you need help with the floors! we went with the snap-tile option instead of normal tile installation….have yet to actually install it but if you are curious about it let us know! it’s porcelin (sp?) tile, just fyi.

    so glad missy is feeling ok!!

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