Construction Update #13 | Week 16ish

I’m not going to lie…I’ve sorta, well…lost count of where I’m at with my construction update posts. While you think that it would be easy to figure out just by looking back on previous editions, the thing is…

I started off posting on Mondays
…and then I missed a Monday and started posting on Wednesdays
…and then came a Thursday or two…
…but then I missed last week…
So now we’re here. Week 16.


First, the big news this week is that our cabinets {mostly} are in!

Dark, right?! Seriously awesome…and they will look even better with the hardware we picked out on our trip to Ikea.

However, if last week we learned to “measure twice…and then measure three more times…before you buy,” this week’s lesson is that that things look a lot different on plan than they do in real life. Take, for instance, our kitchen island:

A few weeks back I spent some time with our carpenter going over the components of our island. Which drawers would go where, the angle of the sink cabinets, and final location of the dishwasher. We even made a mock-up before I gave the final OK.

Yet when Missy and I walked through our pad last week, it was a lot bigger than what we had expected. It stuck out too far into the adjacent spaces, limiting the amount of room we would have for couches in the great room, bar stools, and (most importantly) the dining table. So after some internal deliberation that even involved a physical Styrofoam model held together with masking tape…

…we called an audible to have the island moved. It will now be tucked back into the kitchen. While we could have lived with the original layout, I think that this will give us much more space and piece of mind in the end. Every inch counts!

Here are a few other interior update pics for you! My favorite arch…

…and Missy’s corner whirlpool bathtub…

…which hopefully she will let me use once in a while as well 😉

Also, here’s a much better {read: less blurry} picture of our handmade dutch door:

Outside, our city water line has finally been trenched into the house…

…and permanent power, including a brand new pole on our property…

…and transformer across the street…

is being connected as we speak! I know…exciting stuff, right? Well, apparently these were both fairly contentious issues with the city planners of West Des Moines…which is why it has taken them so long to be installed. Thanks for going to bat for us, Steve!

Meanwhile, Missy and I have been super busy planning the interior décor, which includes some incredibly crafty things that we’ll reveal once the house is complete. Be patient…I promise it’s worth the wait!

Up Next:  We met with Steve Saturday to discuss budgets as well as some other minor finishing details. Missy and I have finally settled on paint colors (!!), and a crew is scheduled to arrive tomorrow (Tuesday) to start priming the walls. Flooring will then begin once the painters finish up, which should hopefully be in about a week!

We’re also trying to figure out a unique but crazy-awesome backsplash that will fit the style we’re going for…more on that once we’ve narrowed down our choices.

Non-Construction Update:  A nasty “stomach” virus recently made its way through the house, and our girls were left in seriously a bad way most of last week. Thankfully, they started eating and drinking again by Sunday night and were well enough to attend their first Story Time at the West Des Moines Public Library Monday morning.

Sunday night also marked “Bottling Night” for my first batch of home brew, “Tom’s Ace the PE Amber Ale“…


…and if in two weeks we (well…I) discover that my beer is palatable and actually tastes somewhat decent, you can bet that there will a full report on the entire process. Fingers crossed!

One quick housekeeping note: I’ve added East Coast Christmas 2011 to our travel page…I didn’t realize that we’ve written no less than seven posts detailing our journey, but what can I say? It was a grand adventure that needed to be shared in full!

Finally, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! Although Missy and I won’t exactly be heading out for a fanfare evening of dinner, movies, and what have you…we hope to at least steal away to Orange Leaf (a new fro-yo joint in WDM) after we put the babes down for the night.

You guys, it’s soooo delicious…we cannot wait to indulge!

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3 thoughts on “Construction Update #13 | Week 16ish

  1. orange leaf!! yes!! hmmm, maybe we’ll have to include that in our plan this evening….their peanut butter and red velvet flavors are simply to die for 🙂

    good audible on the island 🙂 things ARE so much bigger in real life!

    hope you aren’t planning to buy anything from IKEA to decorate your house….we just went up there this last weekend and bought the entire store. seriously. there can’t possibly be anything left for people to buy….creative packing, intense contractions, cramped quarters, and a 5 1/2 hour car ride home (almost lost a bedframe on top of the durango multiple times – YIKES!!), we made it back!

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