Construction Update #14

Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh…you guys! I’m so totally stoked with all the happenings this week and practically bursting at the seams to tell you about them…so let’s get right to it!

The painters showed up last week and have been working like madmen getting things accomplished! They started with the trim…

…and once that dried, they covered it up…

…and began priming all our walls! They’ve also detached all our doors and gave them a fresh coat of paint as well.

Other items of note:  the carpenters came back in last Monday to move our island again and boy, are we glad they did! They tucked it back almost 18 inches, so now our kitchen feels like one cohesive area, rather than cabinets with an island randomly positioned mid-room. The minute we saw the change we instantly knew that it was the right call to make.

Also while the carpenters were on site, they installed our custom mud-room lockers {or cubbies, whichever is your preference}, which will eventually be painted an espresso brown to match the cabinetry.

AND! They built in the seating area around our master tub, which looks totally rad. I’ve already caught Missy sitting inside it, day dreaming of the baths she will be taking someday.

{Ok…so maybe I got in and briefly daydreamed with her too ;-)}

We’ve also been working fiendishly on a few side projects for our interior décor…

…which we can’t wait to share with you once we’ve finished up. Are you excited yet? We are!

Oh, and I almost forgot! Our geothermal contractor showed up Tuesday to drill the 180-foot-deep geo-wells! Check out this massive rig:

I sent more of my spies to snap some action shots of this while I was at work…that truck is ginormous!

Up Next:  Missy and I are incredibly anxious to start seeing some actual colors on these blank walls. Now that they’ve finished priming, as well as covering all the finished trim, windows, cabinets, and bathroom fixtures, we should expect the color to appear any day now…I hope.

As we’re quickly approaching the finish line, there are a lot of loose ends need to be finalized: light fixtures, kitchen sink, bathroom faucets, closet & pantry shelving…stuff like that. We also still need to figure out what color we’re going to paint the outside of the house {kind of a big deal}, as well as what style of cultured stone veneer we want to use for the front {ditto}. So while our list is gradually getting shorter, there are still quite a few big-time decisions left to be made.

Non-Construction Update: First things first…we’re all cool with dropping the weekly count from the title of each new post, right? As I mentioned last week, I’ve somewhat lost track of precisely what week of the construction process we’re currently on, and I neither have the time nor energy to devote to figuring it out again. I’ve always thought that it’s better to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission, so…please forgive my negligence!

If you’ve been keeping track, this Sunday marks four weeks since cooking up my first batch of home brew! It will also mark two weeks since bottling day, which means {…drumroll please…} Tom’s Ace the PE Amber Ale will be ready for consumption! I’ve made just shy of five gallons worth of beer, which isn’t going to drink itself. Anyone out there interested in a Home Brew Tasting/Oscar Watching party on Sunday?? I promise to have food and other beverages on hand just in case my batch of beer went horribly awry.

For the non-Iowan contingent out there: after a sloppy day of mixed precipitation, we’re battening down the hatches tonight as a forecasted 4-6 inches of snow are expected in the metro area by tomorrow morning’s commute. This figures, of course…since I just blogged about my terrible case (and delicious cure) for spring fever yesterday.

Murphy’s Law strikes again…

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10 thoughts on “Construction Update #14

  1. I may have to take you up on your offer for Sunday! The house is looking great and I’m super jealous of your lockers, and your geo-thermal well. AND… I can’t wait to see your side projects either…. You’ve left me in such suspense.

  2. awesome! it looks so much like a house now!!! 🙂 i especially love the mud room lockers…i think i’ve seen those on pinterest 🙂 and can’t wait to see your craft project finished!

  3. Geothermal… So sweet. Wish I could be there to see them install it.

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  5. Your house is beautifully Tom and Missy. I’m jealous. We met with 2 builders this summer and were going to build too….until we did the budget and decided it was stretching it too far. So, we bought a more “in the budget” house, for now.

    I love your bathtub, kitchen island and especially BUILT IN LOCKERS! I can’t wait to see it done.

    • Thanks Amy…we can’t either! The lockers & tub were “non-negotiables” for Missy, so we’re glad that we were able to work them into the layout. Thanks for following along 🙂

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