Construction Update #15 | Teaser

Ok, here’s the scoop:

Our paint inside is all but finished and it looks fantastic; honestly it’s turned out even better than we ever envisioned it looking! In fact, so good that I want to take each and every one of you on a personalized tour right now…that’s how excited I am 😀 Realistically though, the best I can do is show you some pictures on these updates…so with that in mind, I want to make sure the pictures you see turn out as good as possible. And considering that I’m only ever able to see and take during the dawn/dusk hours with a dinky phone camera…I quickly realized that those just wouldn’t do this time.

That’s why I’ve decided…to wait until next week until showing off our fab colors {queue “sad trombone” here}. So in an effort to maximize the glorious hues radiating from our freshly painted walls, Missy and I will be over at the house this Saturday taking pictures in broad daylight to display next time.

I know. What a letdown, right? Well…here’s a quick pic for you:

How’s that for a tease? The suspense!

I’m horrible. Trust me though: your patience will be rewarded!

Up Next: Finish out is full-steam ahead! Lowes has become our home away from home as Missy and I frantically try and pick out things like mirrors, lights, faucets, and ceiling fans.

Inside the house it’s go, go, go, as our finished countertops, flooring, lighting, and plumbing fixtures are all installed. Our occupancy date has always been April first…and don’t look now, but we’re only one month away!

Meanwhile, most of our downtime (if you want to call it that) is spent surfing Pinterest and for some last minute ideas and inspiration for the pad.

We also get to start moving in all our stuff from various locations across the metro area into our basement as soon as the painters are officially finished. We have many dozens of totes and boxes filling space in storage lockers, basements, and semi-trailers that will all need to be taken to the house and unloaded. So if you’re reading this and live within 30 miles of West Des Moines, you better be there to help. A signup sheet for volunteers will be posted soon! 😉

Oh, and we haven’t even thought about the exterior yet…so don’t remind us. I suppose deciding on siding colors and stone selection should be a top priority in the weeks {if not days} ahead.

Non-Construction Update:  Nothing too terribly new to report here from the non-con side of things. It’s literally been all-house all the time once the girls are down for the night.

We have been frequently leaving Grandma & Grandpa on “monitor listening duty” while Missy and I run housing errands across town. Needless to say, this has been a mega help and we often return home with Orange Leaf fro-yo or Hot Fudge Sundaes from McD’s as an appreciative “thank-you” dessert.

As for Missy, it’s hard to believe…but she’s fully into her third trimester now and coming up on the 30-week mark this weekend! I can’t even begin to tell you how much of a trooper she has been with through all of this…teaching, home building, mothering the triplets, the pregnancy, et al. She is a truly remarkable woman and my honest to God hero and role model.

I know she has had a lot on her mind recently that she has been wanting to share, so look for another post from Mama Missy soon!

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