Construction Update #16 | Color My World

Well, there’s certainly no point in wasting any time on introductions, so let’s get right down to it…the moment you’ve all been so patiently awaiting…the paint color reveal!

First, we’ll begin with this “teaser” photo that I posted last week:

That is the arched entry into our “nook” adjacent to the master bedroom:

AKA: BG4’s nursery for the first few months. Its original purpose was to have space for a desk, printer, and computer, but it just happens to be big enough for a bassinette and changing table. Done and done. Don’t adjust your screens; our room is just that red. Very, very red. Whoomp!

The gray/putty color you see in the Nook is our base color throughout most of the house, including the kitchen and great room…

…as well as the mudroom. {Sorry…the lockers, along with everything else…are still really dusty from construction.}

Kind plain, right?

All by design, my friends, all by design…as this works out perfectly for:

yellow accent walls!

We plan to decorate around this color scheme in the main living space (kitchen, dining, great room) with rugs, pillows, and our previsouly mentioned “special projects.”

But what good would a yellow accent wall be without a complimentary…

orange toy/craft room?! Now before you hit that red “X” in the corner of your browser, hear me out: for the next five to ten years, this space will be used as an arts & crafts room for the girls and their friends. Not only is this a fun color for the girls to do all their projects in, but it’s also a great little throwback homage to the ol’ Urbandale townhouse. 😀

Love this view from the great room, highlighting all three colors:

Moving on: the hallway that leads to the girls’ rooms is the base putty-gray color and has been designated “Missy’s Art Gallery.” She plans on covering the walls with framed black & whites, colored canvases, and creative collages. {All pics of the hallway turned out too dark…will post more once the lights are installed.}

We went neutral in the girls’ bedrooms…

…as we plan on covering them with lights, pictures, and shelves. Plus, the odds are good that they will all want them repainted in a few years anyway 😉 The same neutral color is also found in the hallway entry and master bath.

Finally, the hall bath…which will primarily be used by the girls when they are a bit older…has been painted a lovely shade of…

green! Double whoomp! Missy is going for a playful “peacock” theme in here…using a purple shower curtain and teal towels to compliment the walls.

And that about does it!

We realize that not everybody else shares the same affinity for wall colors that we do (in fact our builder commented to Missy’s dad the other week that this was the most color he’s ever painted in a house…and he’s been doing this for a looooong time…so we’d call that a win), but we hope you still like them anyway!

Also, you’ve probably noticed that most of the flooring has been installed, including the wood laminate…


…and tile!

Yup…we’re all just giddy at this point!

{Some of the pictures didn’t exactly turn out as well as I would have liked. You’ll either A) have to wait until we get all our lights installed, or B) Come help us move our stuff into the house this weekend ;-)}

Up Next:  Missy and I seriously have our work cut out for us this week and next; the responsibility now shifts to US to keep this momentum going. We still have a handful of light and plumbing fixtures to pick out, including our kitchen sink, toilets, and a majority of the faucets throughout the house.

Missy is planning another Ikea run in the very near future with her mom and sister to get a few more storage and organizational items…as well as said kitchen sink, new master bed, and a few miscellaneous lights fixtures we’ve been eyeing online.

And of course, as I mentioned last week, there are the exterior paint colors and stone veneer that still remain to be selected…we hope to have those decisions made soon as well…

Non-Construction Baby Boom Update: Special shout-outs are in order tonight, as within the past week not one, not two, but three of our friends each welcomed a new child into their families. And thanks to a few nights of strategically planned toddler-sitting and monitor-listening, Missy and I have been fortunate to visit and meet all three!

The fun started Saturday when we visited Kelsey, Eric, and their precious first baby Rooney Jane Williams:

If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you know exactly where to go for all things Baby Rooney!

Then on Wednesday night, we made two special visits: first to see good friends Joel and Cassie Marks, who just welcomed Tristan Daniel that very morning.

Tristan is the second of two Marks boys; their oldest son Brady (3-½ yrs.) was on hand to tell us all about his new little brother!

Our second visit Wednesday night was just a quick jaunt across town from Tristan to see friends Hayley and Michael Nixon and meet their latest edition, sweet baby Liza Nell:

Liza is fifth child of Michael and Hayley…and not only that, but their fourth girl! Big brother Theo was the first born, and it’s been all girl ever since: Mayzie less than two years later, and then their twin daughters Georgia and Tillie were born just weeks after Sienna, Rowan, and Jovie were in 2010! With soon to be nine kids between the four of us, well…let’s just say that Missy and I feel a little more normal when we get together with the Nixon’s!

I assured Michael that we will be started a “Dudes with Four Daughters” support group later this summer, of which Theo will be welcomed as an honorary member.

We are so thankful to meet all these wonderful babies and for all the healthy deliveries throughout this past week. Clearly, BG4 will be in good company when she arrives in May. Can’t wait!

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10 thoughts on “Construction Update #16 | Color My World

  1. Wow! I am impressed with your boldness in colors! I love the way you put them all together and just went for it! Very impressive!!! Your home looks amazing…so excited for you guys!

  2. i was looking at this post and brady just walked up and goes “that’s a pretty pretty house! i want that house!” LOL

    now he’s dancing around the living room singing “that’s a pretty pretty house….” over and over. oh toddlers…. 🙂

    brady approves – nice work!!

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