Construction Update #17 | Details

Question: What do you do when you spend weeks searching for the *perfect* double-vanity for your master bathroom only to come away empty handed?

Answer: Design your own!

It’s true. We literally spent months trying to determine which master vanity was right for our space. Frustrated and running out of time, we once again turned to Ikea (which is quickly becoming our favorite home-store). With limited options and an even more limited budget, we made one last ditch effort…in the kitchen department!

That’s right; we designed our master vanity out of kitchen cabinets! Not only that, but we were able to reuse a leftover drawer unit from our earlier kitchen mishaps, saving us even more cash-ola in the end.

Can’t wait to see it once the countertop and sinks are installed!

Speaking of reused cabinetry, guess where our remaining leftovers ended up?

In the mudroom! See? Everything works out alright in the end.

In other news, check this out!

That is Special Project #1: our fully-functioning barn door! The best part that this actually was barn door that Steve (Florer) rescued from one of his farms…it just happened to be the exact size that we needed! Here are a few pictures from the restoration process:

As you can see by the cross-section, our carpenters took some old barn lumber Steve also found for us to create a “frame” for the door, and reinforced it with some stronger, newer wood from the back. We sanded it down,

…scrubbed off the decades of excess grime,

…and painted.

Going for the “distressed” look, we only applied paint once, and then went over the whole thing again with sandpaper. Plus, we still wanted some of that great wood grain to show through! The end result was stunning.

We think it turned out perfect. Oh, and did I mentioned that this door is only the first of a pair? Stay tuned to see what Missy has in store for the second!

Up Next: We have a big day planned Saturday to {finally} pick out paint and stone for the exterior. The painter is anxious to get started. They usually need at least a few of days above 50 degrees, which usually happens at the end of March/early April. However, nobody expected it to be this warm this early…but we’re not going to complain!

We also have more electrical items left to select, including garage lights, porch lights, and fixtures for the girls rooms (since the ones we originally ordered from Lowe’s are apparently back-ordered until mid-MAY).

The big appliances are scheduled for delivery next week, and the pavers should be out soon to pour our driveway…no more dirt and mud!

Non-Construction Update: Wanna know what’s not awesome? Waking up Wednesday morning covered in hives from head to toe. Apparently my body had some crazy allergic reaction to something I did or ate Tuesday evening. We’re guessing that it was spray painting in an under ventilated area {for Special Projects #2 & #3}…but nobody knows for sure.

It was bearable when I left for work, but by mid-morning I was paying a visit to the Altoona walk-in clinic. Diagnosed with contact dermatitis (after only showing the doctor my arms and wrists), I was soon given a ‘script for steroid cream and Prednisone. Yet by lunch time the rash had morphed and proceeded to spread like wild fire. (Click here for a picture…slightly disturbing.)


I left work and promptly made a follow up appointment with my own PCP for later in the afternoon. In the meantime I went home and took a hot oatmeal bath, which I had heard was supposed to help relieve the massive itch. What I didn’t hear was that the bath needed to be a very mild temperature (read: cold) for it to do any good.


Later on, my doctor confirmed that it was indeed urticaria {hives}, but was able to give me a much more in-depth prognosis…which I really appreciated. He also gave some tips to help relieve my symptoms, and helped me implement a medication regiment to get this thing licked as soon as possible! So for now, I’m still alive and (thankfully) seem to be on the mend. Most of the itching has moved to my extremities, and the only exposed areas now look like mosquito bites rather than giant red patches.

Sorry to the squeamish ones out there if that was an overshare!

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