Construction Update #18 | Pipe Dreams

I had hoped to give you a much more grandiose report this week…but due to some adverse weather conditions and prolonged delivery delays, this abbreviated post will have to do. Even so, there were still a few things worth celebrating this week. For starters, most of our plumbing fixtures have finally been installed…

{Yay potties! And yes, that’s our powder room w/ accent wall…}

…including {perhaps most importantlyMissy’s our dream master bathtub:

I’m not sure, but I think that just might be the one thing she is looking forward to above all else. Other fixtures, like the hall bath faucets…


…and master shower have also all been connected as well. And I don’t think I’ve shown you this yet, but how ‘bout our master shower tile!

Pretty neat, right?

Up Next:  It seems that of all things, our countertops hold the keys to completion. We’ve had our selections made for some time now, but the actual delivery still has yet to occur. However, once they do decide to show up and are installed, I have a feeling that things will start falling in line at a feverish pace. This includes the master vanity sinks, kitchen sink, and all major appliances

…which have been waiting patiently in the garage since delivery on Tuesday morning.

Also, once this weather does decide to cooperate just a bit, we should start to see the makings of an actual paved driveway. No more muck and mud!

Oh! We’ve also finally settled on exterior paint colors too…

…so come’on sun!

Now, the only decisions left to be made on our end (minus selecting a random mirror or towel bar) is picking out the stone veneer, and then we should be home free…at least we hope so anyway. We’ve got our selections narrowed down based on pictures from the internet; all we need to do is see them up close in person and pull the trigger {which, of course, is a lot easier said than done}.

Non-Construction Update: So uh…the fact that BG4 is coming in just over six weeks from now is starting to freak me out just a little bit.

There, I said it.

Missy and I are having a hard enough time keeping up with three veryveryvery active toddlers as it is, and the reality throwing a newborn into the equation is extremely unnerving. The first six months that the girls were with us is a complete blur to me, so I’ve even begun re-reading old blog posts to refresh my memory on exactly how I handled being a new dad.

At this time last pregnancy, Missy was only one week away from delivery. We had the nursery prepped and assembled: cribs, rockers, bottle fridge, and even freshly painted canvases of new art ready to welcome the girls’ home. Their dressers were stocked full of onesies and blankets. Heck, we even bought a minivan, and had their car seats buckled in, eagerly awaiting occupancy weeks prior to May 17th. But this time around?

Not so much.

We’ve still got a lot of our *stuff* still holed away in storage lockers, basements, and garages. Our boxes of unassembled Ikea furniture sit dust-covered in the new garage, waiting until we have an occupancy permit so that it can be put together in the room where it belong to avoid any major moving. We’ve only just been able to find our remaining newborn clothes that haven’t been donated or sold so BG4 has something to wear when she gets home. Missy just bought a pack of newborn diapers, and things got really real when I held them in my hands again. Plus now we need to start assembling a “Go Bag” just in case their is an unexpected emergency.

{…deep breath…}

For the time being, my main hope that settling into our new place will help ease at least some our fears, so that Missy and I can begin nesting in earnest before May arrives. Please pray with us that we’re able to begin that process a lot sooner rather than later!

And at any rate, at least she has a name now 😉

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