Construction Update #19 | Part 1

Big things are afoot, my friends…big things. In fact, too big to all be contained in one measly update this week, thus I have decreed {drumroll please}…our first ever two-part construction update here on LIP!


You may recall that last week we were held up due a fare amount of ill-timed spring showers, which have since given way to some glorious early-spring weather. Warm, sunny weather meant for doing outside things…big things 🙂

First big thing: paint.

Exterior paint, that is. The paint crew was anxious to get the job done before any more foul weather made its way through the state. So…taking advantage of an incredible spell of summer-like temperatures, the guys were going at it all weekend, covering the siding and trim with the colors we had selected.

And oh my, and you say green?

Per-fection. And they stained our front door, too!

Second big thing: countertops.

Kitchen and master bathroom vanity countertops have been holding the keys to completion, and they finally showed up to-day. What a difference!

Third big thing: storage space.

Missy spent many nights of her own time laying out the storage arrangements for each and every closet and pantry in the house.

Got that? 😉

From shoe storage, to maximizing vertical space, to leaving extra space open for long dresses to hang in the girls’ closests, Missy dang near thought of everything. And she did a magnificent job!

First (no-so) big (but still really important) thing: door handles.

One of those things that you don’t really notice ‘til they’re there…ya know?

Up Next: Literally within the next three days we should have a: driveway, kitchen sink, and completed master vanity, as well as our major appliances installed and the remaining electrical fixtures {which have been slowly arriving on site throughout the past two weeks} finally connected.

We also picked out the exterior stone veneer at the end of last week, and with this nice stretch of weather continuing, one could only expect the masons to start soon as well.


Non-Contstuction Update: Remember that wicked storm that swept through last week? Here are a few more crazy pictures from the golf course:

{FYI…those are pieces of corrugated sheet metal roofing wrapped around those tree branches. Crazy!}

And for those of you looking for your triplet fix, we certainly didn’t waste the weekend away sitting around inside…nice weather is for play dates:

…sidewalk chalking…

…and of course, digging in the dirt!

Good times.

Check back for Part 2 later this week!

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