3 versus 1: A pregnancy comparison.

Yesterday marked the day in my stage of pregnancy when the triplets were born.  33 weeks, 5 days. Except this time I have one baby in the womb and no one is impressed that I made it this far! 🙂 The goal last time was to make it to 28 weeks, with anything after that being icing on the cake. This time the goal is 39 weeks, but with all of my friends delivering early, we are getting a bit nervous…

The number one question I get from people after we establish that no, we are not crazy, this baby was a pleasant surprise, is “How different is this pregnancy from being pregnant with triplets?”

So here it is.  A comparison, and a choppy one at that.  But that is how my life works right now: short, sweet, and to the point.

  • Physical size:  I am at 20 pounds gained right now, and when the girls were born (at this time) I had gained around 65.  Yes, you read that right. Sixty. Five.  I don’t have to wear a supportive belt to hold up my belly this time and regular maternity clothes are still getting the job done each day instead of having to wear “plus size” maternity clothes.
  • Sleep:  Oh man. When I didn’t have children and I was pregnant and tired, I slept. Pretty simple really. This time I have 3 toddlers to constantly chase around, leaving me more tired and with less opportunity to sleep. I know I will not know what it is like to sleep in for the next 19 years or so. The fact that we will be getting even LESS sleep when needing to feed a newborn every 3 or 4 hours throughout the night terrifies us. But we know now that this too shall pass and it is totally worth it.
  • Names:  It is SO much harder to come up with a name this time than it was last time. We could have 3 names we liked last time, and not only can we only have one this time, we also have to make sure Baby #4’s name flows well with Jovie, Rowan, and Sienna.
  • Symptoms:  The heartburn is as bad as ever, but I do have a little bit more room to place food in my stomach. I don’t have to consume large amounts of protein shakes or sleep on a certain side for all major arteries to be working. There hasn’t been any protein in my urine yet and my blood pressure has stayed pretty level, except for one scary week which was resolved and hasn’t been an issue since. The legs cramps still wake me from a deep sleep and my back feels like I have a demon living in every vertebrae…just like last time.
  • Preparedness:  Weeks before the triplets were born we had the nursery painted and arranged, all their little clothing washed and perfectly folded or hung up, diapers in a cute basket on the end of a changing table, and bottles sanitized and ready to go. This time….well… I know where the bassinett is, I purchased a few packages of newborn diapers, and we just grabbed the newborn bin of clothing (what we didn’t sell at garage sales because we thought we were done) from our storage unit. Newborns don’t need a lot of stuff. Toddlers do.
  • Fear:  Last time I was afraid of about everything.  While I knew God had it under control, there were so many unknowns and for a person who *coughisacontrolfreakcough* it was scary to go though. This time I am afraid of going into labor too soon and not getting to take my baby home with me. Besides all of the exhaustion and work, those are my only fears this time. I think, “Hey… if I survived three, I can surley do one right? Right?” Right….
  • Guilt. I have had “multiples guilt” since day one about silly things like sharing a birthday, sharing rooms and clothes, not getting to do normal things a single toddler might get to do. But most of that has fizzled out becasue it is truly a blessing that my girls get up every day and have playmates. They love each other. They are always concerned about each other. What an amazing bond to have. Now the guilt I have is bringing another child into the mix and throwing everything off. I suppose every parents feels this way when they have their second child.  It is just so hard to not think of it as one more person you have to share Mommy with. All we can do is fill our home with love and make sure each girl knows how individually wonderful they are.

Now, in just five weeks, all of this may change and I may be drowning in my own tears and breast milk.  Stay tuned.


3 thoughts on “3 versus 1: A pregnancy comparison.

  1. Missy you look so good!! God will take care of all the fears you have. He helped you through three so this new precious one God will do the same!! Blessed be the name of the LORD his Love endures forever!! Love from PA.
    Kari Wiley

  2. I remember when expecting Hannah and fearing that I would not be able to love another child like I loved Tommy….but found out that it was easy….. 🙂

  3. I think as they get older 3 is a hard number…it seems to be 2 against 1 so now they will be blessed by Number 4 and hopefully each will have a partner in crime to hang with; Just don’t want them ganging up on the little one but I have a feeling they will all three want to be Mommy’s helper and claim her as their own. What a wonderful adventure. Back packs works great when there is only one baby to tog along with the others. Prayers going your way!

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