Easter Dresses

If you walked into church on Easter morning to find three rambunctious toddlers running around in these dresses:

…it’s probably safe to assume that you’d have a few questions. Hoping that I piqued your interest after gloriously teasing them {the dresses, not the toddlers ;-)} on Facebook last weekend, I wanted to finally take a few minutes to share with you just how awesome they are.

The Basics:  As you might have guessed, Grandpa Steve had the dresses custom made for the girls while he was on one of his trips to Ghana in West Africa (while Missy and I have only been once, Steve has been at least a dozen times…if not more…and is heading back again in August). From the pink satin bow and trim…

…to the integral slip underneath…

…they were each hand-stitched by friends we’ve come to know and love from years of mission work in Accra and Ho.

The Dress: Once a royal and sacred cloth worn only in times of extreme importance by tribal leaders, Kente (KEN-tay) Cloth is a woven fabric unique to West Africa, and more specifically Ghana itself.

However, through time, with its spectrum of bright colors and bold geometric patterns, Kente has now become a worldwide symbol of Ghanaian heritage and pride.

However, since Kente cloth is rather expensive {made by a hand…

…and foot…

…operated loom}, there are many more affordable options that still have the look and flair that of authentic Ghanaian Kente.

Not only that, but other than large blankets, ceremonial toga-esque robes (see above), and long scarf-like stoles…the woven Kente isn’t very forgiving when it comes to cutting and sewing. Naturally, the fabric options are much easier to work with, while still displaying that national pride.

The Look: We may have been skeptical at first, once the girls put them on, they were ecstatic. And while our time in church only last 20 minutes before we were searching for more kid-friendly diversions…

…they received oodles of compliments on their unique apparel as we meandered the narthex and settled in for some coloring.

Once home, they even accessorized well with our electric-lime green windbreakers worn for their first Easter egg hunt!

Why Easter? Each year, Lutheran Church of Hope uses Lent as a time of outreach for projects around the community and around the world. This year, Hope chose to partner with GlobeServe International to raise enough money in 40 days time to build and staff 40 churches in the Volta region of Ghana. As Easter is the culmination of the Lenten season, we only thought that it was fitting for the girls to show their support for Mission Ghana and to celebrate reaching and surpassing our goal by wearing their awesome dresses!

Hopefully they will be wearing them throughout the summer before the outgrow them for good!

If you’d like further info on this years’ outreach project, please visit Hope’s website; make sure you spend three minutes watching the video to get an even better idea of the colorful patterns and styles worn by the men and women of Ghana!}

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One thought on “Easter Dresses

  1. They ate stunning! Thanks for sharing their background! It only makes them more beautiful and priceless! Love to you all!

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