Naming Rights | Part 2

Now that we all know where the girls’ names came from {albeit two years later}, I figured that I’d better get on the ball and tell you the story of our latest naming adventure, before I blink and two more years go by…

First Name ~ Lola

To be perfectly honest with you, there really isn’t a spectacular story of how we came up with the name Lola. How Missy came up with it, actually…but I wish I could tell you that it came from somewhere amazing, like:

…While hiking the in the hills of the Cinque Terra on our Italian Honeymoon, we came across a local couple named Lola and Giovanni drinking expensive wine and eating prosciutto and rare cheeses while overlooking the Ligurian Sea. They offered us a seat and a glass, and we told stories while watching the sun set, later vowing that we would name our fourth child after them to always remember our paths crossing as we left…

…or not. So maybe that’s actually a little creepy…but you get the idea.

Seriously though, Lola has just always been a name that Missy loved. I guess the real story is that it took her months of convincing me that it was going to be the name for our daughter, and as of a few weeks ago, I truly still was on the fence!

However, now…I absolutely adore it. It sounds so sweet and so perfect, plus I just love hearing people say it out loud! Everyone tends to say “Lola” with a little sass and flair, so it secretly makes me smile every time. It also fits so well with the other three names…bonus! It’s almost like it was meant to be. (Side note: perhaps it fits a little too well? Another sticking point that almost made me veto the name…glad I didn’t!)

Middle Name ~ Margaret

Finding a middle name was a bit more straight-forward. Looking back at last week’s post, you can tell that the middle names of all three girls are family names…so that really limited our choices. After going through most all of the female relatives in our families (extended and distant alike), we trimmed our selection down to two: Nicole (Missy’s middle name) and Margaret (Great-Grandma Peg’s formal name).

With Nicole having one too many “-ol” sounds for our liking, Margaret won out in the end. However, that wasn’t the final word: our niece Tennyson also has Margaret for her middle name…so out of respect for all parties involved, we made sure to get the OK from both the original namesake as well as from the Flo-Bix clan.

Last Name ~ Hardinge

I don’t really need to explain this again, do I? There is still a silent “E” on the end of it 😉

Final Thoughts

I wouldn’t change it for the world! If you’re interested, we had a few contenders that were in the running until the last month or so, like Nora, Hadley, and Emmeline…with Nora being the final runner-up. But…Nora ended up being too close to sounding like Dora…and in our world that isn’t a good thing.

Also, we are well aware that there is a popular song from the 70’s by the Kinks, which {while catchy} is not exactly the kind of song I’d like her to be associated with. So if that’s all that you think about when you hear the name Lola, please refer you to the above post and think of us instead!

And my goodness…coming up with a baby name is stressful business…and needless to say, I think we’re about tapped out of baby girl names. Good thing that’s not something we’ll have to worry about any time in the foreseeable future 😉

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