Monday Musings

Last week I had a full backlog of half-written drafts ready to be edited and posted in the days ahead. This week…well, I still have a full backlog of half-written drafts ready to be edited and posted in the days ahead.

Even when I say that I’m going to make a concerted effort to begin posting full time again, life happens and I find myself a week later in exact same spot that I was. One of these days I’ll start to figure out my balance again…one of these days…

Anniversary Week Month Continues

  • As you know from last weeks’ update, out six-year-anniversary happened to fall on, and eventually taking second fiddle to, Father’s Day. So we’ve decided to extend celebrations through the end of the month!
  • Our neighbors watched the herd (all of them!) on Tuesday night giving Missy and I a chance to escape for a few precious hours of alone time. Turns out…we’ve greatly undervalued the importance of date night in our relationship as of late.
  • We ended up spending almost three hours sitting, talking, laughing, and eating at one of our favorite places in town…just like old times (read: pre-children).

(You know the aspiring brewer in me had to get a shot of the fermentation vessels ;-))

By nights end we were scheming on how we can make date night a monthly…and hopefully even a bi-monthly…occurrence. Any sitters out there?

  • We always say that we aren’t doing gifts, and then we always end up doing gifts…it’s just how we work. Missy got me tickets to Des Moines’ summer music festival: 80/35. The Avett Brothers and Death Cab for Cutie are headlining…so stoked!
  • While one of my gifts is still being…crafted (you know, in all my spare time)…her real gift arrived last week: her personalized Iowa charm necklace!

…which brings me too:

First Ever Official Endorsement:

While on my personal never-ending quest to find Missy totally awesome gifts for those few special occasions each year, I stumbled upon {and therefore and needed to share with you} a craft jewelry maker on Etsy that I can’t heap enough praise on: Sudlow Jewelry.

  • First it started with finding a personalized one-of-a-kind necklace to commemorate the girls birth (albeit seven months later) with the theme “Three Pea’s in a Pod” in mind.

  • A year and a half later, it was adding a new single Pea in a Pod and updating the name “tag”.
  • Lastly, it was finding the silver state of Iowa charm (above). She noticed someone wearing a similar one while at the Craft Beer Fest 10 days ago and made the off-hand comment that she really liked it. Full disclosure, I had been eyeing one for some time now…but after hearing Missy “approve” as well…I took me all of six hours to pull the trigger on getting it here.

I can’t offer any discount to you by saying this, and I’m not getting any sort of kick-back out of it either…I just want to let you know that If you’re looking for totally awesome and one-of-a-kind gifts for yourself or your loved one (fellas) start your search with Sudlow. Not only are all the pieces amazing, but they will get to you I no time flat, just days after you order. Do yourself a favor and check it out!


We did the Des Moines Art Festival this weekend! We were randomly stopped a number of times while walking about…(”Triplets and a newborn?!”)…but overall dodged the raindrops and even managed a successful picnic lunch and had general good time.

Even Lola got to enjoy a peaceful slumber outside in the fresh air!

While it can be a huge undertaking to get the girls loaded up and out of the house for events like this, if we don’t do it we’ll all go crazy doing the same few things over and over again. At times it can be quite stressful, but in the end we’re usually thankful we did it.

Have a great week!


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