Monday Musings

Dear Mother Nature:


I get it. I see the signs. Non-existent winter/spring in the Midwest; raging fires and drought throughout the Rocky Mountain States; crazy storms out east… you’re probably mad that we don’t take climate change seriously enough or something. But it’s hot as Hades down here and me, Missy, and our four daughters are going completely stir-crazy trying to find new means of entertainment indoors. It’s too hot for the sand table, too hot for our new cars, too hot for fireworks and parades, even too hot to swim…and there’s no relief in sight through the 5-day outlook.

Please, oh please….even an afternoon high in the 80’s would be nice at this point.

Ay yi yi…

Lola Smiles

Two months in, and we’re finally starting to see reactive smiles! Honestly, this deserves a post in its own right, but I don’t have much else to say about it other that it being so incredibly awesome.

(Wo)man of Many Talents

If you weren’t aware, we currently have my mom staying with us in our new place for the next few weeks. Whether it’s applying the “Grandma Touch”…

…or hard at work sewing everything from outfits and costumes…

{Yes, those are capes. Why? Because every little girl needs a cape, that’s why.}

…to toddler toys and summer dresses…

…she’s managed to do it all on top of helping with the chores and the cooking too…we’re definitely being spoiled.


  • Love that Missy has been able to enjoy some much needed “adult time” with her gal pals each Monday night, even if it means watching shady reality TV shows😉
  • Selfishly love that it also gives me a chance to work on blog updates…win-win for everyone.
  • We ordered deck furniture! Now all I have to do is treat and stain the wood before it arrives on Saturday. Did I mention it’s hot out?
  • Shout out to my awesome sister, who just arrived home after successfully chaperoning 20 of her students in Germany for three weeks…welcome home Han!

As for the rest of you, stay cool out there and have a great week!


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