Monday Musings

We’re a month into Monday Musings and I still have yet to post anything other than a Monday Musing; judging by the lack of comments I should probably think about switching things up, but hopefully I can be forgiven for a few more weeks…

Full House

I mentioned last week that my Mom has been visiting for the past few weeks, helping out with all the daily happenings on the Hardinge Homestead. Now, as of yesterday, our house guest total has gone from one to six! That’s right, my three cousins and two second cousins (I think that’s the correct lingo for my cousins children, right?) [UPDATE: My two first cousins once removed…they would be the girls’ second cousins. Thanks Hannah!] have joined in on the summer long party as well.

The Pack-n-Plays are all assembled and the air mattresses are all inflated…we’ve got every nook and cranny stuffed to the gills. We’re no strangers to turning our home into a hotel, plus what better way is there to break in the new pad?? Pictures to follow!

The Crud

A round of nastiness has been making its way through our house this past week; it started with the flu for the triplets, and has now worked its way into a head cold for the rest of the household…needless to say, we’ll be stocking up on Airborne and Zycam to help our guests stay symptom free.

Not to make light of the situation, but it was really interesting to see how all three girls reacted to the same illness differently: Sienna slept excessively, Jovie whined and cried a lot, and Rowan…well, Rowan threw up everywhere. Poor thing.

Hopefully we’re all over the hump now!


This past weekend was Des Moines’ own music festival: 80/35!

Missy bought me tickets for the event as an anniversary present, and despite the heat I managed five hours on Friday night and seven hours on Saturday, checking out both local bands…

…national acts…

…and everything in between the festival had to offer.

Live music, crowds, and heat aren’t exactly Missy’s thing…but they are mine (well, not exactly the heat so much…), so huge shout out to her for giving me the chance to go enjoy the shows while she stayed home with the fam. You’re pretty awesome, babe!


  • Still hot and dry in the Midwest, but at least humidity has dissipated and the nighttime lows are in the 60’s once again.
  • We got a swing set…for free! It’s not much of a looker (nothing a little RustOleum won’t fix), but it does the trick until the girls are old enough to enjoy a new full-sized play set.
  • Our home improvement project for last week was successfully completed: our deck is now stained and sealed, ready for Mother Nature to do her worst.
  • Oh, and our outdoor furniture set arrived on Saturday!
  • …is what I would be saying if our outdoor furniture set actually arrived on Saturday like it was supposed to. Instead, I received a call an hour prior to their scheduled delivery window letting me know that the shipment had been delayed a week. Two hours and two frustrated phone calls later, I had a full shipping refund and $50 gift card compensation. Small solace for not being able to enjoy family dinner outdoors all week.

The family heads for home next Saturday…so I’m off to enjoy the limited time we have left with them. Just a forewarning: don’t be surprised if you don’t hear from me until next Monday 🙂 Have a great week!


5 thoughts on “Monday Musings

  1. Tommy I still read all of your posts, even though I don’t always comment. I enjoy your Monday Musings!! Glad the girls are starting to feel better. We still need to see more pictures of the house, it is so cool!

      • Yeah! Last 80/35 they personally gave us their drumsticks, lol! They also had their song Letters From The Sky as the ending song in I Am Number 4. They’re from South Africa, too!

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