Monday Musings

Is it possible for a house to feel empty even though there are six people still living in it? I say yes, especially after a week at maximum capacity of twelve…half of which were under five!

Yes, we bid adieu to the eastward bound posse early Saturday morning and things have slowly been returning to normal ever since. This is the first time the six of us have been alone under our roof in over three weeks…let’s just say that this is going to take some getting used to again.

The Crud (Continued)

As reported last week, a flu/head cold was making its rounds through the Hardinge homestead. Yet while everyone around me was starting to feel better with each passing day, I was progressively feeling worse. My head felt as if it was being squeezed in a vice, I couldn’t hear, and with each cough it felt like someone was taking a tack hammer to my skull. Finally I caved, and Saturday paid a visit to the nearest quick care walk in clinic.

After a quick peek in my ears and down my throat, the doc saw everything he needed to see: I had a bona fide sinus infection. Yippie! One anti-inflammatory, one antibiotic, one nasal spray, and one powerful cough syrup later…

…I’m officially going to battle with this beast. {Although based on the laundry-list of side effects, maybe I’m better off riding it out…?}

Check back next week for an update on my condition.

Outdoor Living

Out deck furniture arrived…for real this time!

But not without further headache:

We purchased our set online through Sears (via K-Mart online), and part of the reason we went with this particular set was that it included free on-site assembly. Yet when the crew arrived, they gave Missy a spiel about how they had “16 more deliveries” that day and they couldn’t assemble as planned.

Strike two, Sears. Strike two.

Missy said no way. Not after it was already a week behind schedule, and that onsite assembly was one of our main “sells” on this particular table. She called me, and I immediately called customer service. Long story short, after some grumbling the guys assembled the set as planned…and it barely took them an hour to do it. Just a consumer heads up for anyone else currently in the patio set market!

Aside from our minor headaches, the table and chair set look a-MAZ-ing, and the model is not too bad either 😉

We especially love the stone top, which weighs half a bajillion pounds…

We’re officially ready to fully enjoy our summer nights with cool beverages in hand…so come’on over, friends! Now if we could only find the perfect patio umbrella to match, we’d be set. {Side note: patio umbrellas are already out of season at “brick & mortar” Bed, Bath, and Beyond locations and now only available online. What’s up with that?!}

Dietary Update

At 200+ pounds, I’m officially the heaviest I’ve ever been and I’m sick of it. So today, Missy and I kicked off our “healthier choices” diet. Some of our healthier choices include:

  • No going back for seconds and not eating the kid’s leftovers after each meal. As a member of the clean plate club, this one’s is hard for me.
  • One 12-oz soda per day max (can’t quit kick that habit all together yet).
  • Beer/wine only on Friday & Saturday…not to exceed three per night. Yes I realize this one makes me sound like an alcoholic, but I swear that I’m not…just trying to set better boundaries for myself.
  • Healthy snacking during the day…fruit, nuts, yogurt…no more chips & Chex Mix. Did you know the Fooducate App gives Chex Mix a grade of D [minus]?? Devastating!  {Side note, anyone know a healthy “crunch” snack that I can replace these with?}
  • Calorie tracking. Nothing crazy, just more being more aware.
  • Limiting bread intake.
  • Exercise! Get back to running and biking…at least I will once this nasty sinus infection  subsides. Grumble…

Not that I plan on doing all of this at once, rather these are just goals to shoot for. The introvert in me can’t believe that I’m making all this public knowledge, but hopefully by doing so I can have a few of you help keep me in check along the way! Aside from that, if you have any further suggestions, you know what to do…


  • You’ve probably already noticed some blog theme and appearance updates…I’m tinkering again, so there may be a few more refreshments before all is said and done. Stay tuned.
  • I sat in silence on the couch for almost 90 minutes yesterday afternoon reading articles and blogs online while the girls (all of them) slept…it was glorious.
  • Laundry is literally a never-ending process at our place, so when we’re finally caught up…it’s a legitimate excuse to celebrate.

That’s all for now…I’m off to do the happy dance! And take more meds…have a great week!


16 thoughts on “Monday Musings

  1. Then table is is the model! As for the chex mix, I hope you’ll still eat mine when you are here during future holidays! I hope you are better really soon.Love to all!
    Aunt Barb

  2. 1. Patio set=awesome
    2. Super sucks that you had to complain to get it assembled. Don’t lie K-mart!
    3. Lover your list of healthy choices. Kelsey and I are trying to be better too.
    4. Weekend bike ride or run sometime?

    • 1. thanks!
      2. agreed!
      3. we should work as a team and help keep eachother in check. that’s what best friends are for 😉
      4. definitely! you’ll have to give me a few weeks to get back in shape though…

  3. Hey Tom!
    I like the deck. Nice work!
    Let’s go for a run. I’m not too fast. lol. I’m thinking getting up early, like 5am, do a golf course /hill run.. sound good? =P

  4. Love the postings, Tommy! Keeps me in the loop about you six–whether I’m in Maquoketa or Okoboji, or Minnesota (where I am now). Hope you feel better, all-around. By the way, you are a wonderful writer. So clear. What a gift!

  5. Oh yeah! Snacks!
    Whole grain goldfish! Fooducate rates them at a B which is great for a boxed and packaged item! And then: snappeas, pistachios, peanuts (but not too many), pretzels, and honey oat clif crunch bars (they’re delicious) 😀
    Fooducate usually rates things that don’t seem bad low because of sodium (especially snacks) , like v8 vegetable juice – it’s a D, rated the same as soda! Or because of bad carbs. Sodium holds in extra water in your system, so the more water you drink, the more extra sodium you flush out, which results in dropping a few water-weight pounds. And the more sodium you eat, the more water you hold in… which results in the reverse. I would drink sooooo much more water if I wasn’t a teacher (and could use the bathroom whenever I wanted haha!) because I LOVE salt.

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