May Day Surprise

On Tuesday night, Missy dropped over 150 pictures onto Facebook of Lola’s arrival, as well as our time spent in the hospital the few days after she was born. So…I figured now would be as good a’ time as any for:

{Drumroll please…}

Lola’s Birth Story!


Whaaaaat? I’m only eleven weeks late…gimmie a break 😉 Oh, and to clarify, this is from my (Tommy’s) perspective…Missy has informed me that she will be adding her own account of the birth story as well.

**This post contains live-birth c-section pictures. You have been forewarned.**

•  •  •  •  •

As Lola grew to increasingly more uncomfortable proportions in the weeks leading up to May, I had started to make the joke to Missy that she needed to “keep that baby in there until May” (the triplets were born May 17th and I thought having all four birthdays in May would be neat). Yet as her contractions became an ever more frequent (and painful) occurrence the last week of April, I figured that I better ease up on that whole idea…joke or no joke. For the record, it was always a joke…

Even so, Missy was still a good sport about it all…but had the intuition all along that this baby was coming a lot sooner than any of us had planned. Which probably explains the sudden urge for one last family outing on April 30th…

…finalized and secured our car seat arrangements…

…and organized our “Go” bag that very night one final time before falling asleep.

Lo and behold, at 2:30AM the following morning, Missy was up and out of bed having intense, painful contractions…the worst that she has ever felt in her life.

After what I can only imagine to be an intense internal debate over the next two and a half hours (“OK…I’ll wait for just one more…”) she decided to rouse me at 5:00AM and give me the low down on the situation. Trying to remain calm, I ran down the checklist:

  • Contractions? Check.
  • Painful and intense?  Darn tootin’.
  • Are they occurring regularly? Every five minutes.

We’re calling the doctor…no further debate needed. Our Perinatoligist who was scheduled to deliver Lola on the 8th just happened to be on call the morning of the 1st, and after hearing our situation advised us to come down the hospital (there are only two doctors in our practice, the other of whom delivered the triplets…we were comfortable with either.)

I put an APB out to Grandma Cindy quickly notifying her of the situation before hoping in the shower. I swear that she was sleeping in our garage, as the knocking on the door came before I was even finished!

After grabbing breakfast (for me…Missy didn’t eat just in case she was sent in for delivery), we arrived at the hospital and had checked in by six. By 8:00, the doctor had visited Missy and confirmed that she was “legitimately in labor” (2 & 100% effaced) and that May First would be the day Lola would be born! There were already six C-Sections scheduled for the day, but with a break in action from 9:00-11:00, they had the perfect time slot to fit Missy into the rotation.

We prepped, called family and friends (blogged), and prayed for a safe and successfully delivery while Missy tried to remain as comfortable as possible.

They wheeled Missy back into the OR at approximately 9:40AM, but didn’t call me in until over a half hour later at 10:15AM, due to something about residents in training sitting in on the operation delaying the actually deliver time. None-the-less, I passed off the still cam to the nearest O.R. nurse and took my seat next to Missy…

…trying to support her in any way that I could. Honestly though, since Missy and the doctors were doing all the work, I felt pretty useless. Even so, at 10:22 AM our precious baby Lola was born!

I’m smiling under the mask, I promise!

After a quick kiss from mom…

…I followed her downstairs and watched in awe as she was taken through the standard newborn procedures in the nursery while waiting for Missy to return to her recovery room.

Her nurse was thoroughly impressed by how fast she found her fingers, and how well she could suck on them! So much so, that she called her co-workers over to watch in amazment. Atta girl, Lo!

Meanwhile, I was still waiting for Missy…waiting for over an hour, mind you…but I think it’s best to let her fill in the details of that little story 😉

The rest of the day was a blur. Spending time with our newborn. Making all the necessary phone calls and sending all the required texted. And of course, updating the blog!

Lola was born with bruising on her face and forehead; nothing serious…but apparently those contractions Missy was laboring through all morning turned out to be a little more intense than she was letting on — she told the nurse at 6 AM that they were a two on a pain scale of ten; ten being the worst. I call bull, madame.

•  •  •  •  •

Scores of visitors poured in over the next few days, all anxious to meet the newest member of the Hardinge clan…but again, Missy can best fill you in on these happenings, as they occurred mostly while I was at work.

Most importantly though, Sienna, Rowan, and Jovie were finally able to meet Lola on Thursday, each with different reactions to the baby…

…and to finally see their mommy for the first time in almost three days.

And after remaining in the hospital for the entire week (more for Missy’s sake than for Lola’s), we finally brought her back to the Homestead on Saturday.

•  •  •  •  •

I can’t believe it’s been over two and a half months ago already…make sure you check back for Missy’s side of the story soon!

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Loving husband to my wife Missy, loving father to my four daughters Sienna, Rowan, Jovie, and Lola. I'm a chronic over-packer who loves good coffee, good music, running, waffle tee's, fleece pants, and Jesus Christ!

5 thoughts on “May Day Surprise

  1. Gorgious accounting of events and family!!!!
    Got a kick out of reading this for I, too, had packed my bag after our first (and only) LaMaze (?) session going into labor that very night at…you guessed it…2:30 am. Six weeks early and Chad was still 7lbs.10oz. At term, he’d have been a 10 pounder, probably. For me it was “once and done”.
    Missy, you ARE the woman! If I’d have known half of what you know about being a mother I’d have done a much better job. I sit in awe and watch you in amazement; so proud you are married to our son!!! We are truly blessed with you in our lives.

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