Monday Musings

Howdy! Somehow I’ve managed to post not one, not two, but three times since last Monday. I know, right?! It’s been almost six weeks since the last time that’s happened…so in case you missed them, here’s the rundown:

I’m starting to think that we’ve finally turned a corner in getting back into somewhat of a routine…maybe there is a chance that I can actually keep this up. We’ll see!


The shed was only just the beginning.

After the flurry of activities Saturday morning died down, Grandpa Steve (who has been instrumental in making all of this happen) hoped in his skid loader again and set to work.

See, while our house may have been finished in April, the east side of our yard has been a disaster. Since the closest city sewer line was too cost prohibitive to tap into, we had a new septic system installed last winter to serve our sanitary needs. In the process, holes and trenches were dug and refilled…finally left to settle once the installation was complete (a many months long process, mind you). With ground to rough to mow growing with weeds higher than your head, our yard was in shambles.

I don’t have any pictures (because it was too embarrassing)…but just imagine something like this…

…covering over half an acre of land. Woof.

We had decided that by Saturday we had waited long enough; it was time to do something about it. And do something, we did! Oh, and by “we” I mean Grandpa Steve…who spent hours flattening and grading our shrubby mess in his trusty Bobcat until something resembling a yard took shape.

Even the freshly scraped earth now looks better than the previous atrocity.

Now all we have to do is till it and seed it; by next summer the girls should have plenty more room (and shade) for all of their adventures. Huge, huge thanks to G-Pa for all of his continuing hard work! Although that man does love a good project, so part of me thinks that he doesn’t mind helping out 😉

Dietary Update

Did you know that one Oreo — Double Stuf serving has 140 calories, 7.0g of fat, and 21g of carbs? Guess how many Double Stuf Oreo cookies make up a serving.


Are you kidding me?! I could clear out a whole row in one sitting if tempted. But two cookies?!


But I digress…

I don’t plan on giving an update of my progress each Monday, but I’m feeling pretty good after just one week of closely monitoring my daily intake. I’ve lost already six pounds! And this is just the beginning. Now that I’m nearly over this nasty sinus infection, I can finally get back to running once the heat breaks on Thursday.

Thoughts on Colorado

The more I learn about the tragedy in Colorado, the saddened I become and the more infuriated it makes me. I have yet to hear one good reason how the sale of assault rifles (I’m not talking about the kind of guns used for sportsmanship or personal protection, I’m talking about guns like the AR-15 used by James Holmes) is completely legal for purchase to just about anyone with a credit card. Or why anyone with said credit card can also buy thousands upon thousands of rounds of ammo online. Or why anyone other than our military and police forces have access to the 100-round magazines like the one used in the killings (but jammed) for these guns (a standard clip only holds 20-30 rounds)?

I’ve heard the arguments. Cars kill more people than guns each year. There are more accidental drowning’s in swimming pools than gun related deaths each year. So why not take away all the cars and fill in all the swimming pools? The reason is that they both have other more inherent purposes; serving our basic transportation and entertainment needs. Crashes, drowning’s, and fatalities are severely unfortunate but wholly unintended consequences.

But what purpose does John Doe owning an assault rifle with 100-round clips serve? To maim and kill things…better? Faster? Deader?

The laws need to change, but unfortunately won’t because of the various gun-rights organizations in this country that are far too powerful for any politician (especially in an election year) to challenge. My heart breaks for the families and victims of the Aurora massacre and other senseless tragedies like this that have become far too common for my liking.

(Stepping off my soapbox now.)


  • The Bachelorette has ended, but Bachelor Pad has just begun…meaning that my Monday Musings will continue as planned into the fall as Missy and her gal pals gather each week to indulge.
  • As previously mentioned, my steady diet of antibiotics over this past week has this nasty sinus infection all but wiped out. The head pressure is gone and I can finally breathe normally again. Plus I’m not keeping Missy up all hours of the night coughing, snorting, and hacking my way into oblivion. Win-win!
  • It’s still ridiculously hot in the Midwest; from 11:00AM to 7:00PM we’re basically shut-ins trying to keep cool indoors. Our saving grace is that we’ve strategically placed the swing set so that it’s shaded in the morning, and the sand/water tables so that they are shaded in the evening.

We reached 104 degrees yesterday and even last night we barely got below 80. Fortunately, the heatwave is “supposed” to break Thursday morning…fingers crossed that it actually does! Sadly though, we haven’t still had a significant rainfall event in months; the crops behind our house and the trees in our yard are all in sorry shape.

Pray for rain, and have a great …MOUSE!!

For real, gotta run because I just saw a freaking mouse scamper across the floor!! Now what did I do with those traps…


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