Best Roadtrip Ever.

What do you get when take a Toyota Prius and load it with Aunt Hannah, her fiancé Chris, snacks, suitcases, and a last minute addition of Crazy Uncle Bob (who is 6’7” tall mind you)? The makings of an epic Memorial Day Weekend road trip to Iowa!

{Yes. I know I’m going back a ways here…but before I can tell you about our houseguests last week I need to tell you about our house guest in June. And before I can tell you about our houseguests in June, I need to tell you about our houseguests in May. Keep up, folks!}

Actually, there isn’t too terribly much to share…other than how totally awesome these three crazy kids are for:

  1. Packing the car on Wednesday afternoon
  2. Driving 16 straight hours through the night
  3. Staying in Iowa for three days
  4. Turning right back around again to drive home Sunday night

All for the sake of seeing us, enjoying some time with the triplets, meeting baby Lola, and seeing the new pad in person. And it was all (more/less) a total surprise! Obviously, with a few weeks’ notice so that we could make all proper arrangements, natch 😉

Despite having such a limited stay, we managed to pack our days with plenty of fun and excitement during their brief 60 hour stint in Iowa. Whether it was an exciting adventure to the zoo…

…or putting our brick oven and “patio” out back to good use for beers & brats:

We even managed to squeeze in a few rounds of Ticket to Ride, one of our faves!

Of course we also made time for all our usual hijinks and shenanigans…

…and a group outing to one of our favorite local establishments…El Bait Shop!

Since uncle Bob recently turned 21 this past April, I finally had the pleasure of putting back a few cold ones with my youngest bro.

Sadly, weekend came and went too quickly. With uncle Bob starting a summer internship in Virginia and Chris heading back to work after the holiday, the train packed up and departed late Sunday night. Of course, the trip wouldn’t be complete without a few quick photo sessions…

Despite the action packed weekend, I was missing them them before they even pulled out of the driveway.

But the good news is…

Hannah and Chris are on their way back to Iowa this week for an extended stay!! Although crazy Uncle Bob will miss out on the trip this time around, we can’t wait to see them again. I’m sure there are plenty more adventures to be had 😉

P.S. For more, make sure you check out Hannah’s Blog… she did an amazing job chronicling the journey here, here, here, and here.

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Loving husband to my wife Missy, loving father to my four daughters Sienna, Rowan, Jovie, and Lola. I'm a chronic over-packer who loves good coffee, good music, running, waffle tee's, fleece pants, and Jesus Christ!

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