Monday Musings Quickie

Going to be brief tonight, because look what the cat dragged in!

That’s right, Aunt Hannah & Uncle Chris are back in town…10 full days this time, too…giving us plenty of time to catch up on all the things we missed out on their last sojourn west. We’ve already packed tons of fun (and food) into this past weekend alone, including an Olympic Games Opening Ceremonies party on Friday night (complete with Newcastle Brown Ale and our entirely Americanized take on Bangers & Mash)…

…then Taste of Hope on Saturday night:

Plus all sorts of good times in between!

(I just a-DORE that smirk)

Welp, that’s all for now…I said this would be brief. If you’re itching for more, Aunt Hannah is still doing her daily chronicles over on her own personal blog, and she already has some great posts and pictures. I’m off for perhaps another spirited round of Settlers of Catan {quickly becoming our new favorite game}, or maybe just watch the Olympics with the crew.

Have a great week!


4 thoughts on “Monday Musings Quickie

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