Monday Musings

See…I told you not to expect too much last week. And by “expect too much” I actually meant “don’t expect anything.” Of course, I didn’t intentionally set out to be completely absent after last Monday…it’s just that we actually had a rather busy week!

Well, busier than normal anyway…

Dreaming of Italy

Whether it’s Rome…


…the Cinque Terre

I can say with almost 100% certainty that there isn’t a day that goes by that Missy and I don’t think about our trip to Italy, even if only for a fleeting moment.

So when our pals Josh and Beth invited us out to discuss our trip: what we saw, what we would recommend doing, what we would do differently…as well as their own intentions of traveling to Italy this year…well, you can probably imagine how quick we were to jump at the opportunity. Needless to say that by the end of our meal, we had them convinced that they should do whatever it took to make their trip a reality.

It’s been quite a few months since that dinner last winter and they have since reserved their trip to Italy for this coming September! And the cool thing is that even after doing some research of their own, they ended up booking an almost identical itinerary to what Missy and I did in 2009…which is both extremely awesome yet mildly nerve wracking at the same time…I hope that we haven’t lead them astray and that it doesn’t disappoint!

Anyway, we had them over to our place on Thursday night to discuss logistics over wine and dessert…

…and in my book, any night spent pouring over pictures and reliving old memories from perhaps the best trip of our lives together…

…is at least worth mentioning here 😉 We can’t wait to live vicariously through their pictures and stories when we reconvene later this fall!

Housewarming Party

I love it when a last-minute plan comes together.

Ok, so technically our housewarming party wasn’t a last minute idea. We had it set for April 28th. But then it rained all day, so we pushed it back a week. Only we had to cancel once again because someone couldn’t wait any longer to say hello to the world 😉

We’ve been meaning to reschedule ever since, but with a steady stream of houseguests and temperatures that have remained in the 90’s for most of the summer (even at night…), we just haven’t been able to get in on the calendar. That is, until last Friday at 9:00AM…

By the way…”Freezing” is a relative term 😉

Now typically, I wouldn’t expect much in the way of positive responses after scheduling a hang out only eight hours in advance (peer pressure not-withstanding…sorry Williams;-)), but much to my surprise, we had quite the opposite…and by dinner time late that evening we were in the middle of a full-fledged par-tay!

With the guys drinking beers and grilling brats over the fire…

…and the gals chatting it up on the deck…

…everything was just as we imagined our housewarming party to be…only four months later than we had intended 😀

An Olympic Sized Hangover

As London 2012 comes to a close, I still have a few lingering thoughts:

  • Question. Why do professional athletes need utter silence when whacking a golf ball or playing a round of tennis while amateur, adolescent teenage girls are attempting backflips, handsprings, and summersaults on a 4” wide plank 4 feet above the floor with crowd roars, PA announcements, and some of the most ridiculous music blaring in the background (i.e. the Floor Routine music)? I feel like this just doesn’t add up.
  • Call me a hater, but I simply can’t get into Rhythmic Gymnastics. Ribbons? Hula-Hoops? And the first person to logically explain this to me:

…wins a prize.

  • The Men’s 4x100m relay was one of the most entertaining events of the entire games! Did you catch it?
  • How many of you tuned in to the Closing Ceremonies last night? I know that Missy and I were casually checking in…but I think by that point we had reached (gasp!) Olympic Burnout. I heard the Spice Girls were a hit…although I definitely could have used some Coldplay as well.

And finally, what the heck am I going to do each night from 7:00-11:00 now that the games are over?! Actually, don’t answer that. I’m sure I will find some-thing to do from our never ending list…

In other news

Did you know that we’ve had more rainfall over the first 13 days of August than we had during the entire months of May, June, and July combined?

Ok, so I don’t really know if that’s 100% accurate, but it sure feels like it. And last week the tornado sirens sounded for the first time all summer in a non-“this is only a test” sort of way. However, for some reason the weather service sounds them for winds greater than 70 mph (and not just for an imminent tornado) …successfully scaring the pants off of all us non-natives each time a severe weather system blows through.

Even so, it’s still good to “feel” the summer storms return to the state, and even better to witness the amazing sunsets they leave behind!

Have a great week!


4 thoughts on “Monday Musings

  1. It’s funny that the bonfires and get togethers we plan don’t work out, but the impromptu ones always work out 🙂 I can’t wait for a bro day and bike to the Cumming Tap again!

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