Monday Musings

Tenth Monday Musings…whoomp! Ok, so technically it’s the eleventh if you count the “Monday Musings Quickie” I wrote when Hannah and Chris were in town…but you know what I mean.

So far so good…I just want to say that I love intentionally having a weekly post devoted to corralling all the randomness and excitement from the past week that otherwise would soon be forgotten. I hope everyone has enjoyed reading them as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them!

This Pretty Much Sums up Why I’m So Excited for Our Next Houseguest:

My little* bro Addie† arrives on Wednesday, and I’m pumped. Of all immediate family back east, Addie has spent the least amount of time in Iowa, visiting just once…as a groomsman in my wedding six years ago. That’s not to say that he’s deliberately stayed away, but with college, summer courses, and odd jobs he just hasn’t had the chance to visit since 2006.

Yet now that he’s got a full time position with a steady income and premium PTO to spare, he’s not wasting any more time to see the heartland in all its glory. We couldn’t be more excited to have him!

* “Little” is a relative term, as both of my younger brothers are a good four to six inches taller than I am…
Fun fact: his full given name is Daniel Addis Hardinge, but he’s always just gone by Addie.

Room for Four

If you’ve been following along for a while, you’ve probably seen that our standard mode of ground transportation has been two double strollers…which is great…until either of us needs to run somewhere with all four kids by ourselves.

While the baby limo worked well enough for walks near the house (pre-Lola), it wasn’t very mobile…and you could only steer it in a straight line without exerting too much effort. With quad-seaters quite cost prohibitive, we had just made do…that is until our pals Michael & Hayley offered to lend us theirs…wahoo!

We first put it to the test last week at the state fair…but now that we’ve figured out how to integrate Lola’s infant seat, we’ve also taken it to the zoo and on our very first sunset walk as a family of six last Friday night!


And yes, while it was great to have all four kids contained in one stroller, don’t kid yourself: that thing was a BEAST to maneuver…

I mean…dang!

Double-Date Success

Speaking of the Nixon’s…last week we used one of our precious date nights with Michael and Hayley downtown at one of Des Moines newest establishments: Exile Brewing Company (which was incredible, btw).

From dinner and drinks…

…followed by late night (for us) beverages at El Bait Shop…

…it was certainly a well-deserved break from the norm. We had a fantastic time, especially given the fact that all nine of our children were back at home with sitters. Hopefully it was the first of many more to come!

Oh! And check out this amazing tee that Hayley had made for me:

She made one as a Father’s Day gift for Michael, and since we both just happen to be in the same exact…you know…unique situation, she made second one made for me too. How great?!


  • My heart is breaking this week watching as friends {via Facebook} see their first-born children off to school for the very first time. I’m already getting a little misty reading the flurry of tearful goodbyes; it’s safe to say that I’m going to be a blubbering mess when that day comes for Sienna, Jovie, Rowan, and Lola. I should probably go ahead and schedule my therapy appointments now…
  • I hope you’ve noticed (and liked) some of the aesthetic changes I’ve recently made to the home page, including new bios and connect buttons. Much more reader-friendly, if you ask me!
  • It rained on Saturday! Like…ALL DAY rained. First time we’ve had an all-day soaking since April. Don’t worry, normal weekend operations proceeded as planned…

  • The older I get, the more I’ve found that it’s a lot easier to put on the pounds than it is getting them back off again. It’s like one night or weekend of burgers, pizza, and beer can destroy one whole week of yogurt, salads, and apples. Anyone else have this problem? It’s frustrating to say the least…
  • While shopping in TJ Maxx for some new running garb on Friday night I came across this:

…all the way out here in little ol’ West Des Moines, Iowa. Not sure if I should be proud or ashamed of the way Under Armour is using the Maryland Flag as a marketing ploy. However while we’re on the topic, one thing I AM shure of is that these uniforms (also produced by Under Armour) are an utter monstrosity. Yes, I know that the founder of UA was a UMD grad…but that still doesn’t make it right. But when you finish a season with two wins and ten losses, I guess you’ll do anything for a little attention, good or bad. Needless to say, I’d do anything to see these beauties back on the field again…

Mini-rant over. That’ll do it for me tonight…have a great week!


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