Monday Musings

Hey friends, happy Monday!

It’s been quite the week of mixed emotions at the Homestead, from my bro Addie leaving on Tuesday morning (and taking with him a summer packed full of visitors),

…to the arrival of Jake and Tennyson on Thursday which, while it is always great to have them in town, this time it was so that Jake could attend the funeral of one of his best friends, who recently lost his battle with cancer.

On top of all that, we had a huge weekend of child-rearing, from potty training three toddlers to rice cereal and sleep training of our four month old (more on that below).

Anyway, like I said: we’ve been on an emotional roller coaster out here in I.A.

Thoughts on Potty Training

Every parent out there has their own thoughts and methods when it comes to potty training; for Missy and I, well…we had just reached a point of being sick and tired of changing so many dirty diapers each day. So on Sunday, September 9th, we were cutting out the diapers, cold turkey. It was going to be a Poo-Pocalypse.

Now here we are 48 hours later. I will spare you the details, but 20 pairs of underwear and nine pairs of pants later…I’d say we’re well on our way! It’s just so funny to see how each child handles it differently:

  • Jovie has practically mastered the recognition of when she needs to go and the actually going to the potty in less than a day. We have been rewarding successes with gummy worms, and we’ve almost gone through one whole bag with her alone…who would have thought?? Woot!
  • Rowan was the consummate cheer leader, cheering Jovie on with Missy and I even as she would still be having ‘accidents’ in her own pants. That said; Rowan had her first major potty success early Monday morning…something must have sunk in overnight!
  • Aaaand then there is Sienna, who just doesn’t seem too care. Like…at all. Too consumed in whatever thing she was into at the time and couldn’t be bothered by a potty break.

And yes, I know that we could have avoided the laundry pile if we would have just done this all outside…which was our plan all along…until we realized that for most of the morning yesterday temperatures would be in the low 50’s. Yeah…that wasn’t happening.

We still have a long way to go, but I’m already so proud (insert best Paul Rhoads impression here: I am SO PROUD to be their father! AHHH!) of the girls for their progress.

{Rowan, showing off her gummy worm treat after her first successful potty!}

Sidenote: I don’t want to be that parent taking pictures of all his kids’ bathroom adventures and then broadcasting every detail for the world to see. I just want to let you know that we’ve started the journey to “no diapers by Christmas”, and if I don’t shake your hand next time I see you, don’t take it personally 😉

Return Trip

In what was another case of “making the best out of a sad situation” (an unfortunate theme this summer), half of the Flo-Bix clan spent a few days back in central Iowa, Jake attended the funeral of a dear friend in Cedar Rapids.

Tennyson, meanwhile, was able to spend a few extra days chillin’ with her grandparents, aunts, uncle (me!) baby cousins while saying at the Florer Farm. Although for obvious reasons we didn’t too see much of Jake, we were able to have a large family breakfast together with him on Sunday morning, with eggs benedict, fresh fruit, and hot coffee on the menu for us grown-ups…

…while the kids enjoyed donuts and bananas in the craft room.

It was a tearful goodbye later that afternoon. Our girls are finally learning the hard truth of what it means to have family spread out halfway across the country, which is why we take advantage of every waking minute when we are together.

But we still miss the crap out of them every waking minute we’re apart.


Oh My Lola!

Four months old…hot dang!

Rolling over and getting her arms propped up on her own every chance she gets…

…and getting mad when she realizes that she still can’t go anywhere yet. Patience, young one, patience. You will be able to romp and play with your sisters soon enough 😉

On Sunday night we finally started (semi) solid foods with a feeding of rice cereal (with much better success than the girls first feeding):

We also tried to start sleep training, but that was a miserable failure so we dialed it back a bit and decided to stick with one thing at a time.

We also (please, don’t think any less of us after I tell you this…) finally watched Lola’s birth video for the first time since that faithful day, as well as when we introduced her to Sienna, Rowan, and Jovie and Oh. My. Let me just say that the tears were flowing!


  • Lots more summer recap posts to come, including the cousins adventure and Add-man’s first visit since our wedding. Be patient!
  • S/O to two of my college roomies Sam & Jonny, and their wives Lyndsay and Lauren (respectively), who have each welcomed a new baby within the past month! Sam and Lynds had a boy Ryan, and Lauren and Jonny just gave birth to a baby girl on Sunday (although to the best of my knowledge, she is yet to be named.).
  • Anybody else glad to see the college and pro football seasons are back in full force? Touchdowns! Tailgate parties! Disgruntled Hawkeye fans! Oh, and has anyone given the Aunt Barb Dip a whirl?

That’s it for tonight…have a great week (and wish us continued luck on our PT quest)!


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